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Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure

Many Nigerian readers have asked in comments that how much salary will be received after the appointment. Here we want to tell that this is a federal government pera military and after appointment candidates will get salary as per their norms. The salary structure for Nigerian Custom Officer is very attractive and it will help you and your family will be able to live a good life.

Salary Structure

Before giving information about the Nigerian custom officer’s salary, we want to show that we are sharing this information on a number of sources, including jobs.gistinsider.com, nigerianfinder.com, and valuegist.com.ng. These are the estimated figure to describe the average salary according to various Nigerian custom service ranks.

For example, a custom officer earns approximately 75,000 Naira per month (if it multiplies by 12 months then it is approximately 900,000 Nigerian per year).

However, those who recently joined this agency should not expect such high salary for them. The lowest rank of officer’s salary is usually 30,000 per month.

From the information given above, we can say that the inspectors have the lowest salary, while the Director-General of Nigeria Custom Service earns the highest salary. Other top earning ranks are sub-controller-generals and assistant controller generals.

We have briefly described Nigeria’s custom service wages for you. Now if you are interested in Nigeria Custom Service Recruitment 2020/2021 subscribe to our website to get immediate email notification when NCS recruitment form is out.

List of Ranks in Nigerian Custom Service Recruitment

Below is a list of rank in NCS:

  • Comptroller General
  • Deputy Comptroller General
  • Assistant Comptroller Generals
  • Comptroller
  • Assistant Comptroller General (ACG)

You can step up your career and join the Knights of our borders that work tirelessly to ensure our borders are safe and are void of vain activities. To register, you must be careful about updates related to recruitment and whenever there is a recruitment practice, be sure to fill out the form. You can get the form and can register at www.customs.gov.ng here.

Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure » Voice of Nigeria

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