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This article is intended to help all npower applicants select a new program for their nasims dashboard.

Choosing a new npower program is a new update to npower that allows npower applicants to choose a new program so they can print out their commitment letter.

We found that most of the selected npower candidates were not deployed because their application was not available in their LGA as listed on their npower installation dashboard, and they had to check their existing npower application before choosing to install again.

How to select new programme on npower naisms dashboard/portal

To select a New Programme in NPower Batch C Recruitment, please kindly follow the guidelines below:

  • Login to your Npower Nasims Portal:
  • Click on Deployment.
  • A list of available Programmes will pop up
  • Select your New Programme of your choice that is available in your LGA
  • Submit and download your ppa letter.

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