New Message On From NSIP Team » Voice of Nigeria

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New Message On NEXIT Portal Email Validation From NSIP Team

In today’s latest news, the NSIP team asks Exit Npower volunteers that they have issues with the Nexit portal that they are having to resolve while trying to complete email verification. Below you will find an email to the respective applicants.

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Seasons Greeting!, Dear Volunteers,
Please bear with us as we strive to complete your email validation process. Please ensure to check your email spam box and other email box categories for the validation email to complete your application or follow the link below.
We wish you a Happy New Year in advance!

So far a total of 126,937 Exited Npower batches A and B beneficiaries have successfully submitted their records for the central bank Empowerment oppotunities on nexit portal.

NEXIT Portal Exit Status

WhatsAppWhat You Need To Know About NEXIT Portal Exit Status Section The NEXIT portal Dashboard has three sections which comprise …
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New Message On From NSIP Team » Voice of Nigeria

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