Neutrogena makes its TikTok debut with Chloe & Halle Bailey

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Neutrogena became the latest heritage brand to fall for TikTok, with the launch of Skin U, a campaign and contest fronted by Beyonce protégés and sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey, 23 and 21, respectively. The duo is joined by influencers Amy Chang and China McClain. The campaign, which launched on August 28, was conceived of by Movers + Shakers, an agency known for its work with brands on TikTok. The campaign asks TikTok users to create videos in which they “tell their skin story” and ask their most pressing skin-care questions. Five winners will win $5,000 and a consultation with Neutrogena’s skin scientists. The campaign, per Neutrogena, is intended to help a younger audience cut through the “skin-care noise.” We spoke with the Baileys about their partnership with Neutrogena and their favorite follows on TikTok. 

Neutrogena makes its TikTok debut with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Q&A with Chloe and Halle Bailey

Why did you want to be a part of Skin U?

Chloe: “We love TikTok and we love Neutrogena, so it was honestly a no brainer. And I think it’s so important for us to educate our peers, and for us to learn about new tips in a fun way on a fun platform. I’m more than happy and excited to be doing it with my sister. We can come up with really fun creative ways to let people know that self-care is important, taking care of yourself is just as important as being out in the world and making a name for yourself.”

How do you practice self-care?

Chloe: “I love to wake up in the morning and take a few minutes to myself and live in the moment, just remind myself of what I’m proud of, instead of always picking out and pointing out the things that we don’t like about ourselves. And then it’s all about the skin and it’s all about the glow. And it’s also about what you put into your body, as much as I love the Hydro Boost [Hydrating Cleansing Gel] on my skin, I also need to hydrate myself with water to get that incredible, hydrated effect. It’s little things like that.”

What do you love about TikTok; how do you use the platform?

Hallie: “I love everything about TikTok. For me I find that my For You Page, there’s a lot of positive messages, a lot of good vibes whether it’s people dancing or singing. It’s a lot of entertainment. I find that pops up for me and I catch myself trying to learn the dances and learning new tips whether it’s making vegan food or skin -are tips. When this came about I was super excited to be involved in the conversation.”

Who are your favorite people to follow?

Chloe: “Oh wow, what’s this guy’s name? I think he’s [@khaby.lame, 114.9 million followers] the most followed [account on TikTok now]. He’s so funny.” 

Hallie: “He has silent TikToks where he doesn’t say anything and he just reacts.” 

Chloe: “I love the For You Page.”

Hallie: “I love cat TikToks because I have a cat, Poseidon. I love testing all these little tricks that people do.”

Have you guys learned any great beauty tips on TikTok?

Chloe: “Yes actually, about contouring and the specific shape to do on your face depending on what face type you have, and which great cheap products are just as wonderful as the name brands.” 

What are your Neutrogena must-haves?

Hallie: “My staples are the Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen. Which for me, sunscreen has been a journey of mine, because for the longest time I was like ‘I don’t need sunscreen. I go in the sun, nothing happens, I love it feels so great.’ But as I’m getting older I’m realizing sun protection is essential. What I love about the Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen is that I don’t have to worry about a white cast — that’s what turns me off about most sunscreens is that it wouldn’t work with my skin complexion. It would leave this ashy cast. This one disappears right into my skin. And I put it on before my makeup and I feel protected the whole day. I also love the Hydro Boost. My main Neutrogena staple would definitely be my Stubborn Marks PM Treatment. For me, I have very up and down skin so especially when I was younger and we’d be touring, I’d get horrible breakouts on my forehead. Thankfully now that I’m in my 20s, it’s kind of evened out, but even when I go overseas, when the water is different, I get spots. The PM spot treatment helps me so much. I zap it on whichever one is irritating me for the day and I wake up and it’s gone.” 

Chloe:There’s this trend that’s going around on Tik Tok that I really love, It’s Omarion’s performance on stage and it’s people reenacting the dance moves.” 

Hallie:One of my favorites would definitely be the ‘Have Mercy’ challenge, my sister’s single that just came out. There’s so many people on TikTok that are doing dances to it — there’s one challenge in particular where they’re on their knees bouncing and it’s kind of like testing your knee strength. I am going to try it, but I don’t think I will stay up that long.”

What has that been like for you, Chloe, to see people using your song and have it take off on TikTok?

Chloe:It’s been so cool to witness. It was almost mind-blowing to even see how it took off just from the 30-second snippet I put out back in July. I am more than grateful and I can’t wait to see what other videos people are going to do to it.”

You both just went to your first Met Gala a few weeks ago; what was it like getting ready?

Chloe: “Oh, that was such a fun experience for us. We were in a hotel room getting glammed up, it was almost like we’re getting glammed up for every other event, but it felt a bit more special because it was like oh, it’s the Met. It was our very first time. It was a bit nerve-racking. I had this really long, white silk dress that I couldn’t get wrinkled, so I had to stand up the whole 30-minute drive.”

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Neutrogena makes its TikTok debut with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Addison Rae celebrates her 21st with Item Beauty

Happy 21st birthday Addison Rae Easterling, queen of TikTok! Most people celebrate with a night of proudly showing their of-age IDs at bars, but Easterling’s Item Beauty debuted a collection in celebration of her big day. The collection is made up of two lip glosses and a 10-pan eyeshadow palette called the In My Element palette ($24) that has shade names like “Air Sign,” because, of course, she’s a Libra.

Neutrogena makes its TikTok debut with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Tula & Christina Milian launch a new lip balm

Probiotic-based skincare brand Tula has made a name for itself based on its influencer and celebrity partnerships. In fact, according to Tribe Dynamics, Tula had the highest EMV ($7,589,645) of any beauty brand in August based on its robust influencer program. Its latest collab is with musician Christina Milian (6.7 million followers on Instagram), who partnered with the brand to launch the Lip SOS in Pink Coconut ($24).

A dermatologist weighs in on Lilly Ghalichi’s filler mishap

Lilly Lashes founder and Influencer Lilly Ghalichi (3 million followers on Instagram) took to Instagram stories earlier this week to warn her fans about her recent experience with a horrible, and potentially dangerous side effect of a routine under-eye filler procedure. With Linda Evangelista talking about her own negative experience with Coolsculpting, the side effects of noninvasive treatments are, fortunately, becoming more openly discussed. To get an expert perspective on Ghalichi’s experience, we turned to dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner.

“Just because a procedure is non-invasive does not mean that it isn’t without potential side effects,” he said. When it comes to injectable fillers, the “most dreaded potential side effect of is what’s known as a vascular occlusion. Here, the filler itself is injected directly into a blood vessel, blocking blood flow to the skin. Particularly high risk areas for this consequence are the nose itself, corners of the nostrils, or the skin between the eyebrows.” In Ghalichi’s case, however, it was under her eyes.

“To minimize this potential complication, it’s important to see a properly trained physician to get your injectable treatments,” said Zeichner. “Specific techniques can be used to minimize this risk, but reports of these types of blockages have been made even with the most skilled injectors. Besides minimizing the risk of it developing, knowing how to deal with the side effect afterwards is extremely important and will impact the long-term result. High doses of an enzyme known as hyaluronidase (the enzyme used to erase hyaluronic acid) can help melt away the filler and in many cases either restore all or some blood flow. This can save the skin and prevent the risk of what could otherwise become permanent scarring.”

In a series of since expired Instagram stories, Ghalichi said that she didn’t plan to do filler again anytime soon. However, she also admitted that, while she couldn’t guarantee she’d never try again, because of the career pressures of being influencer.

Trend of the week: Half-zip sweaters for Fall

Neutrogena makes its TikTok debut with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Glossy Pop has already heralded the return of prep — but to get a bit more specific, this fall will be all about the half-zip sweater. The preppy style is better known in menswear where it’s long been a staple of retailers like J.Crew, but it’s trending for all genders with options from brands ranging from Staud to Madewell to Aerie, this season. 

“I love seeing this traditionally preppy style coming back but in a fresh, modern way. I especially appreciate the versatility of a half zip sweater. You are able to wear it unzipped and open, layering a tee or a shirt underneath, or zipped up for extra coziness,” said Joyce Lee, Madewell’s svp of design. “pair it with an easy pair of jeans and lug boots or a chunky loafer.”

From left: Aerie Luxe Motto Quarter Zip Sweatshirt ($65) Ayr The Fluffito ($225) SetActive Polo Sportbody Half-Zip ($125) Everlane The Felted Merino Half-Zip Sweater ($140) Ayr The Fluffito ($225) Staud Hampton Sweater ($295) Madewell Glenbrook Half-Zip Pullover Sweater ($98)

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