Need a Love Coach? Six Signs That You Do

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Wondering if you need a love coach? Is your career infinitely more successful than your love life? Maybe things keep going south for you in the love department.  Somehow or other your dating life is slim to none.  Or you keep getting ghosted, cheated on or disappointment in the guys you date.  Maybe you are in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere fast.

Or you have reached your 40s, 50s, 60s and older. And you feel like you are nowhere near where you thought you would be at this point in your life.

With all the apps and sites finding the One has become extremely complicated!  And it can wear you down if you don’t know how to approach it.  A love coach is an expert who can give you a map to this foreign territory.  Who can believe in you, inspire you and help you make it all work out much sooner than you would on your own.

Here then are 6 red-flag signs you need a Love Coach now and not hire a matchmaker instead:

#1 Sign You Need a Love Coach: You are sick and tired of being sick and tired about dating.

The umpteenth guy just ghosted you and you are feeling like you want to run for the hills.  Or maybe  you are in a relationship with a guy who seems married to his video games.   Or you just can’t get out of the texting zone with the new hottie you just met.  You are sick of a constant round of disappointment after disappointment.  It is grating on you.  It is wearing down your self-esteem.  You are starting to feel unwanted, unchosen, disposable, less-than.  You are starting to feel bad about yourself.

This is a huge red flag that you need help in the dating arena pronto.  From a knowledgeable expert who can explain that it is not about you.  A wise coach who can show you where the great guys are and how to get them on your dance card.  Remember, it is not about you!

#2 Sign You Need a Love Coach: You can’t get over your ex.

You are sad and crying all the time over your breakup.  Deep in ruminations about what you shoulda, coulds, woulda said that could have stopped things from ending with your ex.  You are constantly checking his Facebook page to see if he is with another woman.  You are binge eating, or not eating much at all.  In short you are in heartbreak and you feel like life is not worth living without him.  Your friends set you up on a date but you hate the guy, because he is not your ex.  You alternate between blaming him and blaming yourself about things falling apart.  You just can’t stop thinking about him.  And you are miserable.

Ok, this is a strong grief reaction that needs to be dealt with so you can move forward to a guy who is even better than your ex!  Yes, he does exist! This is another  big red flag that you need help to get over your ex and move on.  From a knowledgeable expert who has shepherded women though heartbreak to the other side of the rainbow.  (Yes, the rainbow does still exist!)


#3 Sign You Need a Love Coach:  You feel like quitting.

You are sick of being hurt.  Sick of being disappointed.  You want to say F*&K it to dating and to men.  You have had it.  Your heart if closing up shop once and for all.  You never want to see a rom-com again.  Or go to your best friend’s wedding.  Love seems like it is only for others. Not for you.  In fact, you’ve decided to become a hermit with your two cats and that’s it.

Many many women have hit this point in their dating histories.  But they usually find that in their secret heart of hearts they remain lonely and wanting a relationship.  If you find yourself in this position, it is time to get help from someone who can bring life to your heart and fun to your dating life!  There are very wise devoted love coaches who do just that for women all the time.


#4 Sign You Need a Love Coach: You just got divorced and have no idea how to jump into the sea of digital dating

Dating has changed in the last decades—enormously.  And it is scary.  Scary to get out there when there are strangers to meet.  And to not know how to weed out the baddies or how to find the great ones. Scary to show your droopy  thighs and wrinkles to some unknown guy.  Definitely scary to find out whether you are over the hill—as you suspect you are! And scary to have to figure out just how to successfully use these apps and online sites. It seems like it will take you years to figure it all out.  And it may without asking for help from an expert!

So now is the time to get some mentoring from a coach who can take you by the hand and help you learn how to meet wonderful guys both online and off.  And no, you are not over the hill!  In fact, we have clients in their 60s and 70s who have met really great life partners.


#5 Sign You Need a Love Coach:  Your biological clock is talking to you.

Are you 40ish and wanting to have a child?  In fact, we know that the biological clock can exert incredible pressure that can play havoc with your dating life.  Because you feel desperate to meet Mr. Right.  So desperate to make things work out with the latest guy you are dating.  Feeling like you just have to accept that you may never have a kid.  And yet deep down, really really wanting one.  Without a doubt, it’s a very challenging time.

So then, this is truly a time to have direction and support from a wise love coach who can help you get to Mr. Right in a timely way.  And help you navigate your new relationship to optimize the chances of starting your own little family.


#6 Sign You Need a Love Coach: You always find yourself disappointed in exactly the same way as before.

For example, maybe you always wind up with alcoholics.  Or guys who cheat on you.  Or men who leave you, or won’t commit.  In my experience, it suggests that you are acting out a Dead-End Dating Pattern: an unconscious pattern where you keep picking men who will let you down in the same way and/or keep enacting a role that causes things to fall apart.  Chances are, if you don’t get on top of this pattern where you shoot yourself in the foot, that you will wind up sad and alone in the future.

If this is you, definitely consider getting yourself a love coach.  Because you are not seeing where you are self-sabotaging.  So, to help you find one, have a gift consultation with one of my hand-picked experts.  She will show you how to break the patterns that are keeping you from a lasting love relationship. And create a plan for meeting terrific men or moving forward with the One you really want.

In the meantime, here’s a video on 6 signs you may need a love coach.

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