My Fianceè is Lazy And Unambitious, Should I Go Ahead To Marry Her?

True Life Story: My Fianceè is Lazy And Unambitious, Should I Go Ahead To Marry Her?


My partner and I have been dating for 17months. I met her as a virgin. And I am the one that dis-v!rgined her. We dated for like 15months before having s£x. So we just had it recently
But before all the s£x part. I have been complaining about her attitude and I was hoping to see changes all to no avail. Note I don’t shout at her , I correct her calmly in love too..

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She doesn’t know how to cook like that. It’s always full of salt and I will just have to eat little and leave the rest for her. Even when I visited her the first time , I didn’t enjoy her food. . And when cooking it can take her up to 2hrs just to cook rice .like she will lower the gas to minimum. No heat at all .. she will be like she doesn’t want the pot to burn. I will be like food wey never even start to dey boil .


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She is not smart . You can give her two clothes to wash and It will take her for about 15 to 20 mins to get it washed. Light cloth not even Jean o.
Sometimes I will the one to take the cloth from her and then wash.. she will be like she normally wash her clothes twice.

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Last week I went to work because she came visiting and spend about two weeks with me because she is on vacation. I gave her one of my Jean to wash and keep for me because I don’t come home everyday. My job came with accommodation. It was time to put on my Jean..this lady has already bleached the jean as in Jean don turn white due to over wash.. I saw it this morning and I felt very bad.

Just to fry egg it’s problem. The egg is soaked with oil .
She will go to the bathroom and spend 30mins just to bath..
I have been complaining to her on time management and smartness. but no improvement at all.
My main worries is the food part
Will I get married and still be eating outside?

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This is the question I ask my self everyday.
I haven’t for one day enjoy her food. cook rice and beans. Beans no done rice over done . I don’t even know what do or say anymore. Just Incase you are thinking maybe there’s another Person wea I dey eye. I don’t double date . I love her so much I rather leave her than to cheat on her . But sheq better girl dey outside like that. I have told her if am the one at fault too she should always call my attention to things and I will gladly change too. I am not perfect too but I will always change to make things work.

When she goes to the market to buy food stuff, she will just buy it expensive and come home. She doesn’t know how to price. All this things I used to teach her. I even told her that I will be the one to cook while she handle the cleaning part. Food is one thing I derive joy in doing. E no dey tire me..I hardly eat outside.
I don’t want to make a mistake by marrying her and then regret later. I love her so much but all these troubles me . I haven’t talked to her about the Jean yet. Maybe I should just over look or something. But if I over look what if another jean got bleached? My people ayamu getting tired . Your advice please. Thanks


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