Married For 8 Years Without Orgasm- My Husband Says I Am Dry-Pls Advise

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Married For 8 Years Without Orgasm- My Husband Says I Am Dry-Pls Advise

Hello ma,

Hide my identity. I have been married for 8 years and I have never experienced what is called Orgasm. Before I married my husband, I was in a 4 year relationship that was assumed to lead to marriage and I experienced intense sexual satisfaction in the relationship. But the relationship was filled with alot of issues and we broke up.

I then made a vow to remain celibate until marriage. It was hard but I made up my mind not to open my legs again for any man that is not my husband. When I married my husband, making love with him was surprising for me. He never used to last long enough for me to orgasm.

This really bothered me. He would come all eager and before I say jack,he is done. I tried to speak to him about it,he was like, am I serious? It now became that I was dry and coming was impossible.

So instead of him to focus on making me come, he would say…something is wrong with me. That I am dry. And that made me stop talking about it. Many times, I would fake my orgasm. I began to dislike making love and he too began to loose interest.

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That is how we have been for almost 8 years of marriage. Until this year, he totally stop making love to me. I did not ask him for a month but it became so bad, I had to ask him. He said, he is tired of making love to a stick. That hurt me really bad.

I got angry and told him that he is the one at fault. That he does not know how to handle a woman…that he has quick ejaculation problem. Instead of him to go and look for solution, he is busy insulting me of being dry and a stick. I have advised him to use some  herbs and other products to help himself but he says he is fine…nothing is wrong with him.

Ma, that day…so many hurtful things we both said to each other but the most hurtful one he said was: he is not the one with the problem, cos his side chick always comes when they make love. I was shocked. You mean, he has a side chick?

My mind started telling me that maybe that is why our s*x life is bad…all these side chicks may have used something that is making him loose s*xual interest in me. And the fact that he is cheating is more serious.

I have cried my eyes out and now, I want to revenge. I am not dry….neither am I a stick. I want to prove my husband wrong…since he would not make love to me and he has his side chicks…I want to go out and make love to someone that will make me come.

I have thought about this for a very long time. He is busy enjoying himself outside…while me am dying here. Yes, we have 3 children but there has been no s*x…no orgasm in this marriage for a long time now…what kind of marriage is this? Is either I cheat or we divorce. Anyone in my shoes will understand that I have tried…its been 8 years…how long will I continue like this?

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And he admitted that he even has side chick? Can you imagine? How do I prove that he is the one with the problem and not me? I used to enjoy orgasm with my ex and I deserve to enjoy it before I get too old…if you were in my shoes…what will you do?

I have no time for anyone who wants to judge me or insult me on this post…insult me all you like…I know society will frown when a woman cheats but applaud the man for same cheating…I really don’t care about insults… I only want those who truly understand my trauma to help me…I am in pain and I need advise on what to do…I have been pushed too far into the wall…I am tired of masturbating…I don’t enjoy it anymore

I will be reading advise and comments. Thank you.

From Mrs. Anonymous

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