Marketing Best Practices to Improve the Employee Experience

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Do you believe Employee Experience (EX) is as important as Customer Experience (CX) when it comes to digital transformation? If you said “yes,” you are not alone. In fact, there is a positive correlation between EX and CX, yet many organizations focus exclusively on CX digital transformation. However, the events of the last few months have shined a light on the importance of investment in technologies and skills development employees need to drive growth. Marketing teams have been challenged in new ways to engage audiences and provide relevant experiences while trying to adapt to remote work and shifting priorities. If you are straining to make legacy systems and processes work in a post Covid-19 world, here are some CX tips to help with EX transformation.

Taking the first steps on the path to EX transformation may seem daunting but there are some familiar tools to leverage. Remember when you developed your buyer personas or created a customer journey map? Using the same approach, you can begin to identify the needs, challenges and motivating factors to address. For most organizations, marketing roles and responsibilities have evolved quickly over the last few years but the systems, functionality, and data needed to drive demand hasn’t. Mapping processes, stakeholders, and tools will uncover bottlenecks and sub-optimized practices in a quantitative way to support the business case for change.

Hindsight is 20/20 – pun intended. Do your existing processes still hold up when you mix in the challenges remote work teams have experienced lately? Maybe it’s time to dust off that (virtual) white board, gather key stakeholders, and co-create a new way of working. Just like you would run a workshop to design a new campaign, put those skills to use to address challenges the team is facing. Don’t forget to define your goals up front, as well as the KPIs you want to measure such as time to market or reduced project/request backlog.

Enablement isn’t just for sales. Are your marketing teams enabled with the proper tools to be efficient? Do they have the digital skills necessary to drive innovation? If your organization has relied on tribal knowledge or knowing the right person down the hall to ask, then it’s time to put some structure around training and enablement. This may seem like an overwhelming task but an informal survey, or interviews with individuals or teams can help prioritize needs. Don’t forget to reach across the aisle to benefit from lessons learned by Sales, IT, Finance or HR as they rolled out similar initiatives.

EX digital transformation shares many of the challenges related to CX digital transformation; leadership alignment, actionable data, and scalability. However focused efforts to improve EX will create the momentum needed to allow employees to put energy into improving CX while creating operational efficiency.

If your organization is preparing for a digital transformation initiative and needs support, let us know. Relationship One is always here to help.

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