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There are always great magazine subscription deals being offered. Legitimate companies regularly offer discounted prices on all types of magazines. Whether you enjoy reading about fashion, entertainment, health, news, politics, real estate, or travel, you can obtain great deals on your favorite magazines.

Be careful though. There are some fraudulent subscription “sellers” out there. Some of them are good at what they do, and trick many unsuspecting people into ordering magazines without realizing it. Many times they do this over the phone, as you will be legally obligated (in some states) to pay for a subscription if you agree verbally.

Here are a few tips so you’ll know what to watch out for:

o If you ever receive a postcard in the mail that asks you to call a phone number about a contest or sweepstakes entry is probably a scam. They’ll only try to trick you into agreeing to magazine subscriptions should you call.

o Don’t believe any salesperson claiming that their company is approved by local, state, or even federal government. Government agencies have absolutely nothing to do with magazine solicitations.

o If the salesperson tries to talk you into providing your bank account information or credit card number, don’t give it to them. Even if they claim it’s for “verification purposes”, you should never give information like that out over the phone just for a magazine subscription.

o Many times the salesperson will try to avoid giving you the name of their company. They want you to believe that they represent the magazine company or even credit card lenders. They may even try to avoid giving you their own name. They’re obviously only trying to scam you.

While discounted magazine subscriptions are great to have, and to give as gifts during the holiday season, they’re not worth you getting scammed over. So be very careful before agreeing to order any. You may want to read reviews about the best magazine subscription sellers online.

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