List of Hot Business Niches in Dubai

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UAE is the foremost option for any visitor to tour and spend vacations. Investors from around the globe are seeking opportunities to invest in the UAE; it consists of Seven Emirates out of which Dubai is the most significant one. The total population of Dubai is 2.2 million, out of which around 5% is comprised of workers from Asian countries with a smaller percentage of expatriate business people with full time residency.

Dubai is like a paradise on earth. “Dubai” once people hear this word, they have a vision of luxurious life. It is the biggest emirate among all seven emirates of the UAE. It plays a vital role in boosting the economy of UAE and it is also known as the business capital of it. Some hot businesses niches of Dubai are as follows:

Gold Business

Dubai is known as the GOLD CAPITAL of the world so visualizing the gold business in it is easy. The monthly outcome of gold business is a digit with numerous zeroes. The Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) reaffirmed the significant role of derivative in 2009 of organizing risk all through precarious market circumstances as the Exchange recorded 1.5 million contracts valued at US$79 billion at the end of 2009. Exceeding the 2008 total volume of 1.142 million contracts, DGCX recorded a raise of 31.6% in 2009; the peak yearly volume to be accomplished since foundation.

Cloth Business

Dubai’s cloth market includes both local and foreign linked associations. As you know the climate is very hot thought the year; therefore, the residents prefer Cotton because it keeps body warm and helps in low perspiration. Locally cloth is sold at malls and small shops. Some capital malls for cloth markets include Golf shopping center, Bloomingdales and BURJUMAN shopping center. Apart form this, wholesale clothing is exported form here to the entire Middle East and Africa. There is a big scope in the cloth market of Dubai.

Real Estate and Property Business

Real Estate business is the most significant of all. Investors form all around the world are seeking to invest in real estate business of Dubai so that they may multiply their capital. The strategy adopted by investors is that they purchase property at lower rates and then rent it to bear monthly fruit or sale it at a heavy profit. Property business really helps boost economy of UAE. There are numerous Dubai houses, villas and flats for rent available.

Banking Sector and Financial Institutes

The street crime rate in Dubai is nearly zero which is a driving force for promoting banking sector and attracting the foreign investment institutes to invest. The banking sector is extremely well-established. Numerous Middle East and Asian based multinational companies and financial institutes use Dubai banks for their secure online and offline transactions. The vital reason of banking sector’s growth is foreign investment in business.

Tourism Industry

Dubai is one of the luxurious estates of the world. People dream to tour it for spending their enjoyable vacations. Every year in the first quarter, Dubai hosts Shopping Festival and it attracts almost 3 millions of tourists that really boosts the economy of it and provides a golden opportunity for the investors to multiply their investments.

Some of the well-known business centers of Dubai are as follows

World Trade Center

Dubai German Business Center

Gulf Business Center


UB Business Services

Business Time

These are some hot business niches that provide investors a golden opportunity to invest in Dubai business niches and gain maximum ROI.

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