Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2021 Form Portal

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Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2021/2022 Form Portal |

Lagos State 2021/2022 teacher recruitment is underway. This article is intended to show you how to apply for a LAG SUBEB recruitment on the Lagos State Recruitment Portal.

Are you interested in applying to hire teachers in Lagos State in 2021? If so, be sure to read this post to the fullest to get everything you need to have access to the Lagos State Basic Education Council 2021. Selection.

Many applicants asked us, “When will the recruitment of Lagos State teachers start in 2021?

This question is answered on this page, and everything you need to be included in the selection of teachers in the state of Lagos is clearly stated. So you won’t get anywhere.

Note: The SUBEB application form is completely free for public teachers in Lagos. Don’t pay anyone for the form.

Requirements for the recruitment of teachers from the State of Lagos
Before applying for this job, an O’level certificate. Once you have received your O’level certificate, you can add any other available certificate.

You must also have a birth certificate or you can use a court court declaration.

It also needs to be well identified. You can use a voter’s card, an international passport or a driver’s license.

Latest news on teacher recruitment from Lagos State

Note: The Lagos State Government is currently recruiting new high school teachers, but the State Government plans to recruit 2,000 primary school teachers. Always check the website when the work of Lagos State Primary School teachers begins. is a teacher recruitment portal for the state of Lagos

The official portal for the Lagos State Teacher Job Portal is Before continuing with the registration, you must visit the portal and register for an account.

But let’s move quickly on how to register the work of teachers in Lagos State.

How to apply for Lagos public teacher recruitment in 2021
The following procedures apply to teachers in the workplace in Lagos:

Visit the Lagos State Teacher Registration Portal at
Follow the instructions on the official SUBEB website of the State of Lagos.
Fill out your application form and submit it

SUBEB completion date in the state of Lagos
Recruitment / registration for SUBEB in Lagos has been officially completed. The end date of the competitions is 2021. July 31

Date of the SUBEB test in the State of Lagos
This is to inform potential candidates who have applied for the LASUBEB recruitment exercise that the online test will take place on Monday, 2021.

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If you have questions about recruiting teachers in Lagos State, please submit your question in the comments box.

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