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Inspired Marketing: Hibu’s Antoinette Ward on Executing a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Antoinette Ward, AVP of Marketing Strategy & Delivery at Hibu, has over 20 years of marketing experience and works with her collective team to improve organic traffic, keyword ranking, SEO lead traffic, and more. In this episode, Antoinette shares how to balance both the science and the art of marketing, why every marketer needs to embrace automation, and upcoming marketing trends marketers need to be aware of.

Tune in and Get Inspired:

  • Discover the essential elements of digital marketing and their striking resemblance to direct mail marketing
  • Improve organizational efficiency to deliver a personalized customer experience
  • Uncover the power of reviews in driving marketing and sales success
  • Optimize your marketing budget by making strategic decisions about the operational aspects of marketing, thus highlighting the positive impact on your brand
  • Updating and adapting your marketing strategy to align with current trends is crucial for retaining customers and achieving success

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] A little bit about Antoinette and what she does at Hibu.
[1:55] What should businesses be thinking about when it comes to their digital marketing strategy?
[5:00] Why is automation marketing so important?
[6:30] What are the top five reasons to integrate marketing automation?
[10:35] Did you know that negative reviews sell more products?
[11:35] Is marketing more of an art or is it more of a science?
[13:35] Data is a marketing strategist’s fuel. Data is the new gold.
[15:05] What are some of the biggest changes that have occurred in marketing over the last few years?
[16:25] How is your company managing digital customer experiences?
[18:00] Buyers are much more selective these days so you have to be bringing high-quality value to your marketing channels.
[20:35] What are some of Antoinette’s favorite tools?
[22:55] What inspires Antoinette?

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