Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You?

What are the Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You?

A lady needs to be two things, Classy as well as Magnificent by Coco Chanel. Whether you’re seeking a future companion or currently have one, it pays to have the right relationship habits.

Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man

A crucial thing to remember about men is they don’t always know exactly how to say what they’re looking for in a partner. A lot of guys never really learned to express their emotions as youngsters, so it can be complicated sometimes for them to share their emotional and physical desires. And this leads to all sorts of miscommunication and unfulfilled expectations, which can create roadblocks in a relationship.

The good news is I’m here to offer you a cheat-sheet to exactly know how guys think. Drawing from my own experience and from coaching my clients, here are the Top 5 Behaviors That Make Men Crazy About You.

# 1: Play Hard to Get In The Right Way

I know this may sound like familiar territory, but hear me out. Many women and guys attempt to create attraction to themselves by putting on a distant-but-I-might-be-attracted-to-you-act.

Additionally, these women may wait for an arbitrary amount of time to respond to messages (a few hours or days) so they don’t look desperate. Even worse, they pretend they’ve got more important things to do, expecting it’ll make a man more interested in them.

Warning: This strategy tends to backfire, doing this is confusing and he’ll eventually get bored of this stilted act.

Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man

It’s perfectly natural to show interest in a man, so don’t bother playing silly mind games. Instead, you can play a different type of game, one that focuses on authenticity. Offer your man signs that you like him, and be enthusiastic when you’re doing something together. Experts assert that a man begins falling for a woman once they recognize that they are wanted.

As for Playing Hard To Get, we’re talking about actually staying busy and not pretend to be busy. Engage with all parts of your life including your work, your friends, hobbies, and those other things that make up a balanced and happy life. If that makes you unavailable once in a while, that’s a good thing.

Richard Wiseman the author of 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute, researched this.

He discovered that individuals that were hard to get gave the impression that they are a high-value person. Nevertheless, they ALSO had to show enthusiasm toward the other person to be attractive. That way it placed the person in a more balanced and appealing light to start a relationship.

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Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man

# 2: Light His Fire

You need to invoke intense emotions within a guy when you’re together. This will make him link those emotions to you, which develops the desire to be with you. In an MIT research study, behavioral researchers found that people have a habit of projecting their emotions from one experience to the next.

What does this mean?

For example, imagine you nearly crashed into another car while driving to work, you would transfer those negative feelings into the office. That previous, unrelated experience would impact the remainder of your workday. This is known as “emotional misattribution” or “emotional leak ” – the human propensity to attach intense emotions to the nearest person or situation, even if they had little to do with it.

Likewise, it has to do with the fact that being physically aroused can easily convert into a sexual attraction. So, if you can find ways to keep things exciting for him(like doing something physically intensive or sports together) then he’ll pour out those feelings onto you.

# 3: Laugh at His Jokes

For sure, a lot of women react to this advice with a cynical smirk. But kindly hear me out, this might just be a real game-changer for your relationship. First of all, you don’t have to roll on the floor with tears in your eyes. But go on and show it when his efforts to amuse you succeed.

Studies have shown that wit is a substantial factor in romantic and sexual attraction. As you already know, women are drawn to guys that are funny or clever since it’s a sign of intellect(which is an alluring trait).

Researchers from McMaster University, and Westfield State College University of Western Ontario state that Men Preferred Those Who Were Open To Their Humor, particularly for sexual connection.

This looks like it’s not just about treating a guy’s ego with kid gloves but more about a guy’s desire to be valued by his partner. Believe me, I’ve met plenty of men who have “appreciation” as one of their top priorities in a relationship. So, valuing his humor is a good place to start.

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Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man

# 4: Social Value

According to several studies, you can be more appealing by hanging out with your close friends. For instance, research from the University of California and Tilburg University in the Netherlands both document what is called The Cheerleader Effect. This concludes that somebody’s opinion of you changes favorably once you’re seen to be in a team.

On the surface, you may assume it’s because you’ll appear more popular or charming. However, there’s an additional angle to it. You see, humans have a habit of classifying individual elements (like shapes, objects, and people) into basic groups. This is mainly a hardwired survival trait to not visually concentrate too much on one point – and rather the whole picture. And this mental-process spills over to an individual’s social life too.

So to boost your allure, you can change your Facebook (and online dating) profile to a photo with a few girlfriends. Just make sure it’s clear who you are in the picture so you don’t disappear in a sea of faces! If you are planning to find a new guy at an event why not bring a few of your close friends with you. Social proofing is something notable, and you should use it to your benefit.

# 5: Get Sensual

No surprise here. Sensual intimacy is a key step in building the relationship. However, you might be stunned and downright worried at the number of women lacking in this area. Many don’t even realize the power of using their feminine appeal to pull guys in, and I’m not saying you need to act out a sexual film to achieve this but you need to get familiar with a guy’s desires and what he responds to.

Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man

For example, some women underestimate the immense power of physical touch. Many men live their entire lives not experiencing the pure pleasure of a hug, a validating pat on the back, or other forms of affection. while women, on the other hand, tend to experience all these affections regularly.

So making use of touch is a great way to ignite his senses whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg mistakenly or placing your hand on his arm for a few seconds might do the trick. Bear in mind, guys love a flirtatious game, and the delicious process of the “slow burn.”

And don’t forget men also appreciate varieties when it comes to sexual acts, spicing things up now and then can be a huge turn-on. Even better, you might even go as far as asking him what he wants, and apply it in bed after (with your permission, of course). That would produce an interesting subject, don’t you think? One more point – there’s an additional quality I didn’t mention earlier, but it’s a real game-changer.

A study from Rutgers University found a one-of-a-kind psychological trait in men called a “psychological tripwire.”

Now, once you understand just how this functions and how to implement it(which is incredibly simple) your man will quickly enter a state of intense infatuation. It’s like a splinter in his mind, and he’ll be incapable of thinking about any other women romantically except YOU. There’s a video presentation teaching this in STUNNING detail for easy implementation, so ensure you’re sitting down before watching it.

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Incredible 5 Great Personality Traits To Make A Man Crazy About You? Man