Import Manager at Crystal Oilfield Services Limited

Crystal Oilfield Services Limited is currently seeking applications from qualified candidates to fill the vacant position below:

Job Title: Import Manager

Location: Lagos

Job Description

  • Investigating the specialized and technical needs in the management and administration of commodities and products that are sent for delivery from the organization.
  • Making sure that all the commodities and products are arranged properly and then dispersed.
  • Negotiating documented agreements for the delivery and management of products and commodities.
  • Receiving, formulating and verifying the required papers needed to make sure that the needs of the federal and practicable administrative units or other organizational bodies are adhered to.
  • Administrating the transfer of commodities and products as per the particularities of the clients and making sure that the targets of the organization are achieved.
  • Coping up and communicating with the third parties indulging in these functional operations and paying and compiling the cash in lieu of the clients.
  • Administrating and supervising the workings and undertakings of the workers in the import section of the organization and handling the interactions with the clients and sellers.
  • Strategizing, planning and enforcing the import activities as per the providers and requirements of the clients.
  • Supervising the inside transfer of products and commodities and making sure that this is done in agreement with the rules, regulations and policies of the governing system authorities.
  • Collaborating with the providers and stock list programmers and strategizers and making sure that the global products and commodities get transferred properly within the given time frame.
  • Making sure that the products and commodities arrive within the given time.
  • Ensuring that he/she receives superior quality freight charges per unit on a regular basis.
  • Creating, assessing and regenerating documented agreements according to the needs.
  • Observing and formulating the records of the activities related to imports
  • Approving and enforcing the application of alterations and modifications, if and when needed.
  • Helping to formulate quotes of trade goods for clients and executing freight and cargo reservation operations with movers or transporters.
  • Supervising, overseeing and enforcing trade safety for different protection plans, ensuring that all these are done in agreement with the client methods and processes and upholding the same.
  • Conducting investigations for different sections of the organization for import and export judicial rules, regulations and standard policies and upholding his/her familiarity with tarrifs and licenses.
  • Working with the associates and members of the fiscal unit of the organization and upholding the stock list of the commodities and trade goods.
  • Studying, examining and revising debt and security papers and creating and developing programs for the import section of the organization.
  • Making sure that all these import programs are in agreement with the accepted rules and regulations of the organization.
  • Formulating and organizing presentations that are to be referred to the dominant and administrative authorities of the organization.
  • Offering security on consignments and dispatchments and creating, developing and completing disciplinary activities for various import methods and procedures.
  • Working with the unit head of the organization and checking, studying and examining various methods and procedures of importation.
  • Updating himself/herself about the various rules, policies and programs of customs alongside upholding compliance with sectional modulations of the organization.
  • Completing all other operational undertakings and workings related to the imports of the organization and ensuring their compliance with the general policies of the same.

Person Specification

  • An import manager needs to be a graduate in Finance, Business Administration, Economics or a similar field.
  • He/she could also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with majors in all of the above subjects.
  • Having a master’s degree in the same would be very advantageous for him/her, as he / she could get shortlisted for high positions in this field (This would also ensure that he / she gets an attractive job where he / she makes a lot of money and has many facilities, benefits and comforts. Although, he / she would have to handle many important responsibilities and roles and in such a case, only sky would be the limit).
  • Possessing some years of expertise in the same field would be an added advantage for the organization that he / she joins.
  • Having some skills apart from the above mentioned qualifications would also help him / her to perform better, like he / she would need to have good interaction and organization skills. Knowing an additional language would be very useful, and he / she should also have good geographical and focusing skills.
  • He / she would need to adjust and work in a team and should be ready to execute his/her roles and duties in a multicultured work environment.

Application Closing Date

10th February, 2020.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume via personal email with the position as the subject matter, to: [email protected]

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