I’m A Celebrity 2021 – David Ginola, Naughty Boy and Adam Woodyatt will take on next trial as fans claim it’s a fix

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I’M A Celebrity faces a new fix row after fans claimed last night’s Bushtucker trial was HARDER on Frankie Bridge than Naughty Boy.

The singer and Naughty Boy were picked by the public to do Scary-oke, which saw them covered in gunge and downing vile drinks.

Frankie burst into tears and was seen shaking following the gruelling task, which saw her gulping blended deer testicles and pork.

Naughty boy, who can only eat Halal meat owing to his Muslim religion, got a concoction of fermented beans, eggs, and blended rotten fruit.

Though the drinks were just as gross and gave off a revolting stench, viewers were convinced Naughty got an easier ride.

Read our I’m A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…


    I’M A Celebrity bosses have been blasted as “too soft” for not punishing smuggler Simon Gregson.

    The soap actor, 47, sneaked illicit salt and pepper into the camp, but has been “let off”.

    In the past, all campmates were placed on stricter rations if a celeb flouted the rules.

    But ITV chiefs have confirmed there will be no punishment for Simon’s violation.

    Former 2006 campmate Dean Gaffney, 43, agreed with fans who have called the show “easy”.

    He said: “In Australia, it’s a very different vehicle to what they’re doing now in North Wales.”

  • Cells of Hell

    Naughty Boy, David and Adam will be facing tomorrow’s Bushtucker Trial.

    The trio will work together to bring home the stars.

    Tune in tomorrow to see how the boys get on at a slightly later time of 9.15pm.

  • Cells of Hell

    Ant and Dec arrive in camp to reveal who has been voted for the next gruesome challenge!

    It may be Adam.

    It might be David.

    It could be Naughty Boy.

  • Camp selfie!

    Frankie put her luxury gift to good use as the camp gathered round to take their first group selfie.

  • What luxury items have the campmates brought?

    Adam – a folding chair

    Louise – water bottle

    Naughty Boy – pillow with a personalised photo of his beloved mum

    Frankie – polaroid camera

    Arlene – hairbrush

    Kadeena – medicine ball

    Matty – sleep mask

    Simon – pillow with a personalised photo of his wife and kids

    Snoochie Shy – pillow with a personalise photo of her cat Magnum

    David – slippers

    Danny – photo of fiancé Steph and newborn son Albert

  • Pigeons a winner!

    Despite some initial fuss with cooking tonight’s meal – the celebrities agreed that it was one of the best meals they’ve had so far.

    David said: “I think we’ll all remember this dinner for the rest of our lives.”

  • Real coo!

    After Naughty Boy and Matty Lee’s superb win in the Bushtucker Trial – the camp were treated with pigeon.

    But some of the celebrities were gutted that they couldn’t jump into help the camp chefs – Kadeena and Naughty Boy.

    Arlene was desperate to help with the cooking – but was told to relax and let the chefs take charge.

    Too many cooks…

  • Arlene and Louise have also won their luxury items.

    It’s a full house!

  • Simon, Frankie and Naughty Boy have all won their gifts from home!

  • Teamwork is KEY!

    So far Kadeena, Matty, Snoochie, David, Danny and Adam have won their prizes from home.

  • Time for treats!

    The celebrities have a change to win luxury items.

    There are four locked safes and each contain three tokens – with each representing a luxury item.

    The campmates are given 200 keys to unlock the safes.

  • Kadeena Cox opens up about crippling multiple sclerosis

    Having an honest chat with Arlene, the former Strictly judge asked Kadeena about her multiple sclerosis condition.

    The Paralympian star explained that her multiple sclerosis is triggered by fatigue and she usually goes to bed to help ease the symptoms.

    She said that when she gets emotional she has more spasms, weakness, loss of control in arms and legs and she can struggle with her speech.

    Kadeena said she is a “part-time wheelchair user” and uses her wheelchair when she is out.

    But she also added that she “hates sympathy” and can often get judged.

  • The camp go wild for just TWO mini eggs each!

  • Nursery rhyme time!

    Arlene and Simon relive their favourite childhood rhymes.

    The Corrie star donned a Humpty Dumpty costume, while Arlene read aloud music notes from a book that he should play on a floor keyboard.

    The pair smashed the challenge and returned to camp with mini eggs.


  • Happy campers!

    Matty Lee and Naughty Boy raise the spirits in camp when they returned from their trial.

    They revealed to the rest of their campmates that they had won 10 stars.

    What delicacies will be on the menu tonight?

  • Danny’s tears

    The Emmerdale star shared a heart-to-heart with David Ginola tonight.

    Danny broke down in tears and admitted he was feeling homesick.

    The soap star praised David for comforting and supporting him.

    The actor said the I’m a Celeb experience was an “emotional rollercoaster” and like nothing he’d ever experienced before in his life.

  • Three celebrities face an almighty challenge tomorrow night – the votes for Cells of Hell are now open.

  • The boys have excelled in tonight’s Bushtucker Trial and bagged a total of 10 out of 11 stars.

    Brilliant effort!

  • Hissing around!

    Naughty Boy faces his biggest fear – snakes!

  • Naughty takes on some ‘beasts’

    The music producer left Ant and Dec in hysterics as he referred to the rodents as “beasts”.

  • Come on lads!

    Naughty Boy and Matty have earned themselves another 4 out of 4 stars

  • The lads have so far secured two out of three stars!

  • Too slow!

    Ant told Naughty Boy that speed is important and he must be faster if he hopes of winning more stars!

  • Naughty Boy has smashed the first lever – onto the next one!

    After sticking his hand in a hole full of maggots, he then moved onto a the next hole full of cockroaches and then onto the rats.

  • Gruesome time!

    Naughty Boy took his good old time sticking his hand in the gargoyle – with Ant and Dec reminding him that speed is crucial.

    Come on Naughty!

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