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Hey! You do not have to reject her because she is plus size. There are better ways you can enjoy your date with her. Whether she is size 2 or size 24, there are chances that she will make the best date for you.

As a man, you should realize that a plus-size woman is just like every other woman that is out there. She wants to be loved, accepted for who she is, feel special, and feel confident.

That is why you need the confidence to make her realize how beautiful she is. There are several tips that will help you to enjoy your moments with her and to make her realize she is beautiful and truly accepted for the way she is.

First, you have to keep in mind what attracted her to you

Plus-size women are beautiful. For a girl to be attractive, it must be seen in the way she carries herself and how she takes care of herself. Whatever made you attracted to a plus-size woman the first time may be based on how she carries herself.

You have to keep this in mind. Do not make the mistake of deviating from what attracted you to her, and start making unnecessary comments about her eating or her size. This may not go well as she may begin to see it in a different way.

Keep in mind the things that attracted you to her and compliment them regularly. Be careful not to make unnecessary comments about her eating or size as this can be taken the wrong way.

You have to focus on the things that attracted you to her, and be sure to compliment those things regularly. Reminding a woman why you see her as perfect can go a long way to boost her self confidence and promote joy in the relationship and it is not different for plus-size women.

Learn the art of communication

If you want to enjoy your date with a plus-size woman, then you need to learn the art of communication. If you do not talk to a woman, you will not know what they enjoy and what they want.

The same goes for plus-size women. She may prefer a certain type of cloth or a certain type of food. She may love a certain type of music and communicating with her to know what she loves and what she hates will make you enjoy dating her.

Do not limit your activities based on your perception of her size. Find out what she wants, where she loves going to, what she enjoys doing, and do them.

Do not let her size prevent you from taking her out to do the things that you both love doing. The fun of dating is knowing what your woman wants. and what makes her feel special and you will realize that this can only be achieved when you both communicate effectively.

Communication must be two-way

If you want to enjoy your date with a plus-size woman, then she should not be the only one talking in the relationship. Most people will think plus-size women love to talk but then this is not the case here.

You should be able to tell her what you like to do. You are dating her because you enjoy her, so in as much as you should know what she loves doing, she should as well know what you enjoy doing.

This will help you both choose activities that you enjoy. As you get to know these things, you both can streamline your activities to suit each other. You should be honest and also open to new experiences. If you see an event that looks like fun and you feel you both might enjoy it, then you should not hesitate to ask her.

Acknowledge her sexual expectations

One major area where women regardless of size would appreciate is the sexual aspect of a relationship. Yes, she is plus-size and she enjoys sex just like every other woman. All women want to feel like goddesses in the eyes of their men.

They want to feel good in bed as well as enjoy every bit of the moment. They come with sexual expectations and they expect you to keep up to it. You may not be responsible for her self-esteem but you are responsible for letting her know how attractive she is.

Never tease your plus sized girl if she is not willing to have sex for the night or try to shame her into doing so. Just accept that she is not in the mood for the night. You have found out what pleases her.

While some women may like foreplay, some may like cuddling while some may want deep penetrations. Ask her intimate questions and give it to her the way she likes it.

Do not insist on a particular sex position or try to cajole her into that sex position all because of her size. No! You have to discover what gives her pleasure.

As I said earlier, if there is effective communication between you and her, then you will get to know what each other wants. Learn to talk about different positions or methods that you want to try. Engage in sensual games as this will enhance the experience for both of you.

Know how to cope with conflicts

If you want to enjoy dating a plus-size woman, then you should be ready to know how to cope with conflicts. Never make the mistake of assuming that every fight that you go into with a plus-size woman has to do with her weight.

When two people engage in conflict, it is based on their experiences during the relationship. This is not a result of her size, so never try to insult her by bringing her size into your conflict. Do not try to “body shame” her if you are having a conflict. Learn to cope with conflict and be ready to settle whatever problems that you have with her as soon as possible.

How to Enjoy Dating a Plus-Size Woman


Always listen to what she has to say. Every woman, whether small-sized or plus-size wants a man’s attention. If you want to enjoy your date with your plus sized partner, then you should always be ready and willing to hear what she has to say.

Listen to her and be willing to respond appropriately. If she has a problem, you should be willing to help her sort it out. This way, you will enjoy every moment of your date with her.

By listening to what she says and responding appropriately, you will show her how much you care about her. Being plus-size does not make her any different from a woman, therefore you should treat her like a queen if you must enjoy your date with her.

Know what to say and when

Having a discussion and communicating with your plus sized partner is good, but if you must, then you should know what to say and when to say it. Always put into consideration her size before you speak. No matter what you say to her, the reality is you are trying to help her overcome low self-esteem that may come from the society based on her size.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways of discussing with your plus sized partner and you should be mindful of this. She may come asking you certain questions that may require you to think before answering.

She may ask you questions to know if her outfit looks good. Here, you should not base your answer on her size but be straight forward to tell her what you like and what you do not like. She may also come with questions such as “am I getting fatter?” or “Do I look fatter than before?”. Be honest with her here. You like her for who she is and that is the most important thing.

Tease but do not go overboard

Do you have friends that tease you or your partner about her size? Then this has to stop. Enjoying your date with a plus-size woman means you need to stop your friends from making jokes about her size.

They may come to tease you about your choice of women but you have to ignore them. Do not let them bad mouth you or your date. Letting them make fun of your plus-size partner means that you do not support her and this can ruin your date.

Allowing them to offer nasty comments may make her start to feel insecure and this should never be accepted. Let your friends know that she is important to you and be ready to defend her always, whether she is there or not. If you want to enjoy your date, then you may have to go to the extent of staying away from some friends that are cruel. Be confident to show her how you feel.

All these are the things you have to do to enjoy dating a plus-size woman. When you find love, then you should be glad that you found something worth it. It does not care about size and you should have this in mind when you are dating a plus-size woman.

Moreover, as a plus-size woman, you should be willing to play your own part to make your date interesting. While the man works to protect your interest, you should as well work to make yourself stand out for who you are.

There are some tips that will help you to keep going ahead in your relationship.

  1. You have to be proud of who you are. Being self-confident will help you go a long way in making your date the best. You have to eat the way you eat, speak the way you speak, dress the way you dress. You have to be yourself and do not pretend to be someone else
  2. Know your worth. Honor yourself since nobody is going to do it for you. Give yourself what you just deserve and be clear about what you want. If you know your worth, then this will help you boost your self-confidence.
  3. You should set goals for every relationship. Some women think they just have to go with the flow, but it is necessary that you set goals for yourself. Having goals will help you know what you want to achieve.
  4. You have to see the fun in what you are going into and you have to grab it. Dating is fun, and you should not prevent yourself from experiencing this fun because you are plus-size. That is not acceptable. Date for the fun of it and do the things that you love doing. Being plus-size will not prevent you from going to the places you love. If there is a food you love, eat it. If there is a cloth you love, wear it. This is how to give yourself the ultimate joy and satisfaction.
  5. Do you know that voice that tells you that you are too fat and not suitable for any man? That voice that tells you that you are ugly? That voice that tells you that no man would want to date you? This is the time to ignore that voice. Yes, you are plus-size and you would find the right and perfect date for you. Never give in to the voice that tells you to hide. If you hide, it will not make you feel better neither will it help you find dates. Learn to post photos of your full body shoot. Be proud of who you are.
  6. Do not waste your time with anyone who body shames you. Learn to ignore people and move on with your life. You need someone who will accept you for who you are and that is just who you are going to date. Date someone who loves you and encourages you about your health and diet. Date someone who you are attracted to. Do not force yourself to go out with someone you are not attracted to all because you think that is who society says you should be dating. Have an open mind and let the world know that your size is not a limitation

Everyone deserves to be loved and so are plus-size women. Follow these tips and be sure to have the best dating experience.

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