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NYIF #75Billion loan: do this with your phone to access the site easily

As you have already known, the NYIF ( National Youth investment Fund) disbursement of #75 billion has began. To know if you have been selected, you will receive a text message from NMFB (Nirsal Microfinance Bank). The text will be in the format below:

nyif app

If you have received this message, congratulations to you, you are few steps closer to receiving your share of the loan. Next step is to click on the link on the message to access the site.

Here is where most people are having problems. If you are using your phone, the site will continually be showing ‘error’ and will not load. To solve this problem is very easy and I will show you below.

nyif app

All you have to do is go to your browser settings and change the site to desktop. See below:

nyif app 3

After doing this, load the site again, follow the steps which will include validating your BVN, creating account and verifying your email to complete your registration. Congratulations.

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