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How to get Nirsal’s NIBLoan offer in 2021 |

See How to accept a Nirsal NIBLoan offer in 2021 |

Nirsal Micro-Finance Bank’s (NMFB) non-profit bank NIB Loan has started offering loans to applicants to continue applying for SME, housing and AGSMEIS loans.

If you applied for NIRSAL MFB Loans NAN and you were granted a loan before receiving the loan, read this message on how to get a loan offer.

Nirsal NIBLoan Offer Acceptance Letter

Have you received an SMS from the NFMB confirming that the NIB loan application has been received and are waiting for you to submit a loan offer receipt?

Are you curious and want to know how you can create a loan offer acceptance and acceptance letter? If the answer to these questions is yes, please read on for answers and a guide on how to accept the NFB NIBLoans offer.

How to get an offer from Nirsal NIBLoan

To receive and receive an NIB account for you, you must first accept the loan offer when you receive the application confirmation SMS.

This is the second phase of the NIRSAL NIBLoans which requires you to do the following when you received a notification that your loan has been approved:

  • Generate the Offer Letter and accept it
  • Generate the Undertaking to Buy Agreement and accept it
  • Enter the details of the items to be released. This must match the approved amount stated in your offer letter.
  • Eventually you will add an invoice for all the items to be financed.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to implement this loan offer on the Nirsal loan platform.

  • Visit the NIBLOAN channel via or via SMS, apparently
  • Select Back to view the status of the application
  • Enter your BVN and last name as provided in the BVN.
  • Skip the application program number field
  • Google Captcha checkbox
  • Click “Submit” below

If you have any further questions about applying for or accepting a NIRSAL NIB LOAN, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will endeavor to resolve any issues that may help resolve the dispute.

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