How My Sweet Husband Changed After Two Years Of Marriage- Please Advise

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How My Sweet Husband Changed After Two Years Of Marriage- Please Advise

Hello ma, well done for the job well done God bless you ma.

A friend introduced me to your group and I want to share my story and get other peoples opinion. My name is Becca (not real name) and I got married 5 years ago and I have a beautiful daughter as the product of my marriage.

I met my husband through a mutual friend of both of us, we got introduced and we liked each other, we dated for a year before we got married. Things were fine after we got married for the first 2 years and it was during that time I had my beautiful daughter but going into the third year of the marriage I started noticing some changes in him.

He started complaining about almost everything I do and the worst part of it is that he won’t call me to talk to me if I offend him but he prefers to go and tell our neighbors or outsiders or even his family without saying a word to me. He will be keeping malice with me in the house so many times I will have to beg him to forgive me even if I don’t know what I have done.

He has made his family to dislike me because of the way he talks about me to them, when he goes to work he comes back late and will not even eat when he gets back, he doesn’t drop money at home as such and I do not know of any project he’s doing that might be taking money from him.

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Last year he decided to take a transfer from his place of work without informing me he said he thinks if we separate for a while I will know what am doing, leaving me and our daughter alone and since last year that he left he only came to see us once that was March this year before the lockdown and since then he hasn’t visited again.

He doesn’t pick my calls and if he calls it’s only to talk to our child he doesn’t speak to me if I want to talk to him, I text him and if am lucky he will reply. So many things I cannot say here that he has done.

I went to see him in the new city he transferred himself to and he don’t allow me know where he’s staying, he told me it’s not yet time to know his place, luckily for me my sister works in that same city so I stayed in her place and he came to see me in my sisters place without letting me know where he stays till I left the place.

His family also accused me of not wanting our daughter to come and spend time with them and she’s just 3 years plus so when the lockdown ease I took her there to stay with them for like a month, when school was about to resume and I want to go and pick her that is how they said I cannot take her that my husband instructed them not to allow me take her.

And since then she has been with them she’s staying with my husbands elder brother family and she has 3 kids of her own and he insisted on her staying there making 4 for the woman while am here doing nothing.

I just go there to see her spend some time with her and leave. Now the main issue is, where we are staying our rent will be due by the end of this month and I have asked him what his plan is if he wants to renew the rent or relocate us to where he is but he’s not saying anything and I have made up my mind to pack my things and go back to my parents house.

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I have begged him so many times, apologized to his family, friends, relatives even our pastors have intervened but he remains adamant though he said he has forgiven me but he doesn’t act like it. Am just tired of all d stress all I want is to take my child and just live my life please how do I go about it and what do you suggest I do? Thank you

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How My Sweet Husband Changed After Two Years Of Marriage- Please Advise

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