How I Fell For A Surgeon Who Used And Dumped Me

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Ladies Be Careful: How I Fell For A Surgeon Who Used And Dumped Me

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I just want to share this story for people to be careful…. So I met this guy on Facebook 2018 we have been chatting then it got to a long time and he was always talking about marriage, but I always told him then that its too early. Let’s get to know each other but he said his parents were forcing a lady on him that he needed to bring a girl urgently so that his parents will know that he has a lady so I agreed cos he sounded serious on the line we continued chatting till December 2019 b4 I allowed him to see me I was the one that went to him…

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We planned meeting in ogugu Kogi state cos his best friend was getting married so that that I could no his friends first then we can go see his parents after then… B4 then he had already begged me that I should get pregnant for him so that his parents will not have a choice than to allow him get married to the lady of his choice so I agreed that December I was suppose to writer my last final year exams so I decided to go on Friday and return on Sunday… But the journey was not funny ooo.. B4 I forget this guy is a surgeon… We lodged that night cos the next day was the wedding he brought all kind of test their that day the one I can remember is HIV /AIDS and hypertisis b we did the test for each other I brought my blood group and genotype he did too..

I swear we had sex up to 10 times from morning till the next day… We went for the wedding he introduced me to his friend as his wife to be I was happy ehnn😥 not knowing her is evil so on Sunday we departed to our various destination we continued our loved up till the next day and his phone went off for 3 days after then I started seeing a lady picture on his status I asked who is this lady and where his her husband and why ain’t u been picking up my calls he told me I don’t have the right to no..

So i made my research by searching for someone that has same surname with him on fb that his when I saw his wedding pictures he did his wedding 2 days after we came back from that trip hmm men😭 I cried my life out when I confronted him he insulted me and said I was forming hard to get na that he wanted me to get mad asin mad when I find out that he didn’t no I will find out so early… My people I was terribly broke cos with the excitement that I had a reliable person as a single mom the money I was having I invested it and it was the remaining one I use to do the whole trip and expenses for the wedding o didn’t want to ask for money so he won’t think I am un serious cos guys of this generation look down on ladies that ask them for money… I was broke ehnnn even the DA I wrote my last paper I no chop..

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Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant gbam sent him a text about it I went to scan and the pregnancy was real 😩 I had no choice than to go for a d&c cos na hunger go later kill me but during that d&c I swear for this guy as I was naked doing it I was cursing him just today I check my messenger and I saw this👇 what do u advice me people😭 I feel like cursing him more cos I was happy having that s*x and was expecting that baby with joy😭


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How I Fell For A Surgeon Who Used And Dumped Me

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