How I Failed Again After Almost Three Years Of Resisting Temptation

True Life Story: How I Failed Again After Almost Three Years Of Resisting Temptation

Hi Lively Stones,

Please keep my identity anonymous. For the past few years, I have been trying to live a good life, leaving my past life behind, trying to live right, and resisting temptation; and that has been going fine until last weekend. I am uncontrollably back to my old habits. And that habit is S** and ma-stur-ba-tion. I am a 45 years old married woman, I started ma-stur-ba-tion at around the age of 36 or 37…that is after I had my last child, my son.

My husband is a politician,  a very popular one, his entire family is politicians. We were introduced by one of his friends. Even while dating, his life was that of always on the road, I dealt with many women always on his trail but he assured me I would be his only wife even though our religion allows him to marry more than one wife. On the night of our wedding, it was a wild after-party, my husband and his friends had girls everywhere, and I had to retire around 2 am to let them do what they do best.

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My husband did not want me to work. I agreed, from day one, my role was full-time housewife, to take care of the home and raise our children. I was also never to question my husband about any women cos it was part of his job as a politician, women will always be there but he s.w.o.r.e, I will be his only wife. So, I had my first child, second and third child. Everything was good and we are very comfortable.

However, after my third child, my husband started losing interest in our S** life. He was traveling more, so I hardly saw him and when I did, the S** was less than 3 mins…I became S** starved…I could not discuss it with him cos he was very busy. I hardly saw him. That was when I turned to p*rn and ma-stur-ba-tion to pleasure myself. It became an add.i.ction….I would do it every day just to relax, if not, I could not function throughout that day.

Then after a while, the ma-stur-ba-tion could not cure my desire….I needed a physical man’s touch. I knew I could not cheat cos my husband is well known, who would cheat on such a popular man’s wife? I have heard stories about women and their Drivers, so I managed to convince my husband that our driver was getting too old( he was old, the man was almost 60 years), my husband had to get me a younger man; Shina.

Shina was carefully selected by me. I started seducing him from day one and he resumed. The guy kept acting like he was not seeing my advances….until I told him to be resuming at my place by 5 am. When he resumed, I called him upstairs to help me zip up my dress…when he came, I dropped my towel and asked him to s.u.c.k me…he tried to resist and I showed him a wad of dollars…that was the end of the convincing…he and I went on having an affair for almost two years.

Sometimes Shina stayed in the boy’s quarters…so it was easy to sneak in for a fck at night. Shina was a bull…a horse…he knew how to fck….I was living a dangerous and exciting life. Sometimes, we did it in the car…sometimes in the toilet….I also paid him handsomely for it. Everything was good until Shina started feeling entitled…he started acting all important…sometimes, he would address me inappropriately in front of people…..I had to warn him to behave so no one will suspect him.

Shina wanted me to treat him like a big man…he would get upset and say he was done with me…I would then have to beg him later….then he introduced me to B.D.S.M….it was exciting but humiliating S**….Shina derived pleasure from my pain. Always wanting to fck me roughly….he roped me severally…I enjoyed it….I was his S** s.l.a.v.e. He realized he had a hold on me, anything he wanted, I gave him. I bought him a car, secretly though. I gave him money, he bought land.

Shina was still arrogant….even times my husband was around…he would want to f*ck me…I told him I could not stamina two men at the same time,…he would act very disrespectfully that my husband noticed it and fired him. I had to beg my husband to ignore him, that it’s the way domestic staff behaves. My husband agreed to reinstate him but refused for Shina to come back to the boy’s quarters.

This annoyed Shina…he refused to come back to work. He knew that would affect me badly. I begged Shina to come back to work, but he refused and said unless my husband allows him back to the quarters. In order not to look suspicious, I had to let Shina go. Painfully I must say. My husband got me an older driver this time. For me, I took it as a sign to stop committing adultery. I started to pray more and I got engaged in a lot of activities. My husband also got me a job at one of the government ministries. That helped me stay focused.

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For almost two and a half years, I was able to keep off ma-stur-ba-ting and adulterous S**.  Until last weekend like I said. Shina sent me a message out of the blue. That he is missing me. That I should meet him at a hotel. I ignored his message but my mind did a flashback and all the memories of hot S** with Shina kept flooding back. I took a cab and went to the hotel. As soon I got into the room…China didn’t ask any questions…we just went straight to business….we f*cked for hours….I lost track of time and went home around 11.20 pm.

When I got home, hubby was home surprisingly….I quickly made up a story of how I went to the salon and got caught in traffic. And my phone died. All through that night, all I was thinking and dreaming about was Shina. I lied the next day that I was going to a wedding, a wedding I was not planning to go to…I sent my driver away and went to see Shina…spent the whole day with him. I am hooked on this man. It’s crazy.

Shina wants his old job back. I told him we can’t employ him again…he said if I don’t get him his old job back….he will expose me on social media…he said he has videos of us having S** in the hotel…he showed me, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d blurred his face out but my entire body is showing. I can’t believe Shina is blackmailing me. I got him a car…bought him land…and he lured me back to a hotel to record a S** tape to expose me. That was my big f*ck up.

I had no choice but to go and beg my husband to re-employ Shina. I convinced hubby that things are hard for Shina and that he has changed. Hubby has said ok…Hubby decided to take my current driver while Shina is coming back to work for us but all I can think of is….how do I deal with this man…cos now I know he is an enemy, no longer a lover. I know he would continue to try to seduce me….should I frame him for r*pe? What if it backfires….I am scared of having Shina back so close to me, without a plan for how to deal with him.

Shina resumed work two days ago. Since he came back, I have started ma-stur-ba-ting again. I feel weak around him ….I can’t resist him….once hubby travels again…I know my urges will make me lose my senses again. I need a plan to take down Shina quickly….I need your advice and help before things get out of my control. Before Shina uses S** to finish my life. How do I get those S** tapes from Shina, destroy them….and destroy him too…

I have to destroy him…cos if not, he will continue to seduce me…how do I free myself from Shina? Those videos must not come out cos they will tarnish my husband’s image….and his political career…I am not so much worried about myself…I care about my husband’s career and he has been a good man to me…yes, he cheats but which man does not…which politician does not? Which woman who’s S**ually starved in her marriage is not doing that?

My case is different cos of our political image …there is a political situation at stake…I need a plan to end Shina. Or any other way to end this mess.


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