How Do I Handle My Disrespectful 12 Years Old Younger Sister?

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How Do I Handle My Disrespectful 12 Years Old Younger Sister?

Please hide my id , my younger sister of 12 years stays with me,she’s our last born ,am a nurse, waiting for nysc ,I was very sick some time ago that’s how she came , I would have sent her back after I recovered, but I noticed my mum was getting offended like I don’t want d girl to stay with me

She’s was with my second elder sister who’s not married yet, and d two of my elder brother that came from nysc r staying with her ,my eldest sister that’s married is with my immediate younger sister , am 24 , my mum is now making it look like I don’t want to hold my younger sister, I want leave all d load for my elder ones.

Mother’s this girl is has no respect. D only thing she does is to go and come back from school with my 2 years old daughter,(Cos am learning how to sew clothes and I close by 4pm) wash plate and sweep house ,i do my cooking, I do sweep d place most time and clean and bath my baby , am not d lazy type,i usually do all d laundry, even to wash the bedspread she and my baby use is a problem ,they have their own room but most times she sleeps on d mat with reasons that if she sleeps under mosquito net I put for them,she will have if I tell her to wash their bed spread,she will tell me she does not sleep on it all d time

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I stop washing her own ,cos she can’t even wash my baby’s pant , just keep them for me except I ask her to wash it . She now talks back at me .. my daughter spoilt my phone, that I fix with almost 20k remote and her potty chair, when I was not around, I beat my girl and and scolded my sister for allowing her spoilt d things, she ask me if she was d one that spoilt it and what do I want her to do , I got angry and slapped, because its her pattern when she does something and I shouts at her ,she will talk till whenever she likes instead to apologise

,she stood up to fight with me

I told she will sleep in darkness cos I usually give her d phone to use d touch at night,, she went outside and bought candle with her money without my knowledge,I told her hope she has enough money to always buy candle,she told me if I don’t give her, she will collect from their father( that’s my husband)

She bought some buns since 3 days now that has been in d fridge, I told her not buy anything outside wen I send her another thing,she told me it’s her money, what will she do with it if not to buy what she likes with it

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I told her if I get angry I will use pepper and flog her( not that I meant it, just so she will fear) she told me if she don’t have hand ,will she be looking at me ?

If I cook beans, I don’t like beans but I eat it if that what is in d house cos am 6months pregnant, she will bring out rice from fridge ,warm it and eat with d beans with reasons she don’t like beans ,now if I beat her ,she will use d broom in her hand to hit me back

Even when I send her message and she takes it to d kitchen,and I ask her to bring it let me c,she will tell me if she brings it she will not take it back

And my husband keeps telling me to ignore, I want to send her back

Am tired of this girl, please advise

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