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Did you know there is a new contraceptive hub in town that caters to the needs of women and families who are seeking family planning services?

Nigerians now have access to an effective service that has been proven to improve the quality of life of individuals and families by empowering them to continue their education, plan childbirth, space and raise happy and healthy children.

For many, family planning has become an important poverty alleviation measure because it offers these individuals/families the opportunity to plan, invest, and save for the future.

Honey&Banana Connect is the first toll-free Family Planning Call Centre in Nigeria and was introduced by DKT Nigeria as a solution to poor access to affordable, quality family planning services experienced by many nationwide especially in private hospitals. With a short and easy to remember code – 55059, Honey&Banana Connect can be reached via all networks for free excluding GLO.

Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog

Another interesting feature of this one-of-a-kind Call Centre is that all calls are picked by live agents who provide quick response to callers’ questions. At Honey&Banana Connect, callers get absolute confidentiality and privacy, and never have to worry about their information getting out.

Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog

Each agent is readily available to listen and attend to any contraceptive and reproductive health-related question without judging the caller based on age or marital status. Language is also not a barrier at Honey&Banana Connect, as callers are responded to in any of the 5 major Nigerian languages: English, Pidgin, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.

Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog

Honey&Banana Connect offers all-round contraception services to callers. A call to 55059 is not just another call but the beginning of a contraceptive journey like no other.

A typical call to Honey&Banana Connect starts with the call agent providing the caller with detailed information on all available contraceptive methods. This is followed by a referral to a trained healthcare professional at the nearest clinic for the desired family planning or contraceptive method.

During the referral process, our call agents book an appointment for each caller at the preferred clinic through call or text messaging and provide the caller with detailed information about the clinic as well as the doctor or nurse who will be offering the desired contraceptive service.

The referral clinics are picked from a list of DKT Partner Clinics spread across Nigeria and are certified only after successful completion of contraceptive training carried out by DKT.

These clinics in partnership with DKT Nigeria, offer affordable contraceptive services to Honey&Banana Connect callers to ease access to family planning products and services. These Partner Clinics have also been trained to provide youth-friendly services because we want our youth to visit without fear of judgment.

Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog

Finally, we amp up the Honey&Banana Connect customer experience by calling back our callers after they have adopted their preferred contraceptive methods at the clinic. This follow up is to ensure complete satisfaction with the services provided at the clinic and to ensure each caller is enjoying the chosen method. This follow-up continues on a quarterly basis for up to one year.

Honey&Banana Connect operates from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm and is no doubt a sure plug for everyone who needs a contraceptive service they can trust and enjoy.

Call Honey&Banana Connect today and let us take this journey together. Take charge of your life; dial 55059. It’s free.

Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog
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Honey&Banana Connect Call Centre, a New Contraceptive Hub – DeeDee's Blog

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