He Says I Am Possessed-Pls Advise

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My Husband Won’t Touch Me: He Says I Am Possessed-Pls Advise

Hello ma,

Hide my identity. I think I need deliverance. I am 33 years old. I got married as a virgin two years ago to the man of my dreams. My husband is a cool guy…he was very proud of me that i kept myself as a virgin even at the age I met him and got married to him.

However, things did not go as planned after marriage…all those romantic dreams of having sweet s*x after marriage was not what happened. S*x was not nice for me…hubby and I struggled in that area.

The main problem was, I was unresponsive…I loved foreplay…kissing and all but soon as he got inside me…I loose interest and it felt disgusting to me…especially when he ejaculates.

This made me begin to avoid s*x…I would lie to say I was sick or in my period or i was tired. This continued for one year…my husband and I became unhappy and started keeping malice. I honestly did not know what was wrong with me…

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Like I said…I tried all kinds of foreplay and eventually concluded that I preferred foreplay to the main thing. I only made an effort during my ovulation so I can get pregnant. But I guess because we were not emotionally connected…the pregnancy thing didn’t come in the first year of marriage.

By the second of marriage…the strain of poor s*x and no baby was taking a toll on our marriage…I began to suspect my husband of cheating. I had to confide in my friend, Suzie (not real name). Suzie was like: how can I be slacking o…that I will soon loose my husband and marriage.

Suzie spoke to me to read erotic materials and watch p*orn …she said I needed to learn new tricks on how to arouse myself and hubby in the act. That was how I started reading erotic content and watching online.

None of these things interested me until one day…I watched a rather aggressive erotic material. I discovered I was really turned on. I watched more and more of that content and I really wanted to try that…

Next time my husband and I tried to have s*x…I begged him to be rough with me…he was shocked but I shouted at him to do it like a man…he was aroused too and he was truly rough with me…I encouraged him to do more violent things to me…he did and for the first time in two years of marriage…s*x was fire for us.

My husband was stunned…me too…I told him what I did…he said maybe that was my turn on point…s*x became regular and more and more rough and violent…I began to have marks on my body…I did not care…my husband began to get worried but I told him not to worry.

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The more violent he was…the better the s*x…if he tried to be gentle…I lost interest…he was just as surprised as me…and that is how I got pregnant. We were both happy…but pregnancy did not stop me…my lust for dangerous and violent s*x increased as my pregnancy grew…

My husband was scared of hurting the baby…but I told him to forget it…I was cool…doctor s*x is ok for the baby…I even became a little obsessed with pregnancy s*x…I wanted it every day and harder and rougher….

My husband sat me down one day and said this was not right…the fact that rough s*x made me seem possessed…I laughed it off…he asked me if I was ever abused as a child…I said no…haba…I got married as a virgin for God’s sakes…

My husband started to avoid me cos the pregnancy was in the third month…I got very emotional and cried myself…blackmailing him and refusing to eat for one full day…hubby caved in…I again was obsessed…doing the most…and in the heat of it…I started to bleed…

My hubby was frightened…and I too…I kept bleeding…no pad could hold it…I was rushed to the hospital….the doctor tried everything to save our baby but we lost the baby. The Doctor said it was not really rough s*x that caused the miscarriage but it may have contributed to it……my whole world crashed…we killed our baby with s*x…my husband blames me for it…says I am possessed and I need deliverance…

Its been almost 4 months after my miscarriage…hubby and I have never had s*x…he tried to after like 2 months but soon as he started …I started asking him to go harder…he stopped and since then …he has not touched me again…

I am so unhappy…what is wrong with me… I love my husband but I feel like he will never forgive me for our baby and he will never make love to me the way I like….I told him we can be rough until we get pregnant…then after that…no more dangerous moves…he did not listen…he still wont touch me…even after he knows me too  am hurting.

I forced myself to try to seduce him two days ago…and he said…gentle or nothing…I feel he is taking this thing too far and not caring about my feelings…for him to be deciding how we make love is not right…I have a right to enjoy it too.

I know the experience of loosing our child made him change but we may not get another baby if he is insisting on his own way….and he keeps telling me I am possessed and need deliverance….

Please am I truly possessed and in need of deliverance? From what I read and what Suzie explained…I am just one of those people who like BDSM or rough or violent s*x…its normal…yes…I will learn to be gentle when pregnant but to say we never try that again and that I need to go for deliverance is rubbish….

Someone should please advise my husband and me. (He and I will be reading the comments)I am willing to compromise but he too needs to meet me at the middle…I am not possessed…or am I?

Please advise me…


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He Says I Am Possessed-Pls Advise

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