Handling A Pandemic: No Place For On – The – Job Training!: 5 Examples

If you ever wondered about, what, not – ready – for = prime – time, really meant, and the potential, undesirable ramifications, unfortunately, we seem to be, living – through, this nightmare – scenario! While, it is unfair, and untrue, to blame, President Donald Trump, for the illness, it is fair, to fault him, for many aspects of his administration’s response, which began, it seems, when the United States Government, first, learn about it. Whether, it is because of Trump’s arrogance/ ego (often, articulating, he knows more than the so – called, experts, or, because of his political priorities, earlier in his tenure, there seems to be little doubt, the President’s minimizing, having a Pandemic Panel, or reducing CDC funding, etc, or some combination of these, and other factors, most of his response – team, have an unacceptably, low, level of experience, and expertise. Unfortunately, what we’ve discovered, is, there is no place, for, on – the- job, training, after a crisis, is, upon – us! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, of this impact.

1. No experienced, Pandemic Panel, in place: After, he stated, he would relocate, the panel, and reduce funding, for the most part, it meant, there was no prepared, set of experts, who could use their combination of experience, and expertise, to have certain quality protocols, in – place. By doing this, when crisis hit, our government had to scramble, thus wasting crucial time, and energy, which delayed taking the most viable action/ approach. Then, when the President appointment his government’s response team, he made Vice President Pence, the Chairman, when, a public health expert, was needed!

2. CDC was not a political priority: Even, as late as 2018, Mr. Trump, proposed cutting funding, to the CDC, because, he claimed, it wasn’t necessary! How much faster, and better, might our response, have been, if he hadn’t done so?

3. President minimized the potential danger: After, first, claiming, we would, see little impact, from the pandemic, calling it a hoax, perpetrated by his political enemies, etc, then, showing very little empathy, and, until, very recently, kept contradictory his own panel of experts!

4. His delay, hurt response: Procrastination is, generally, the enemy of quality actions, etc! The President’s delay, and mixed – signals, wasted crucial time, in terms of national response!

5. Mixed messaging: This President, according to political fact – checkers, seems to have issues, with telling the truth! When the crisis hit, instead of the national response, being unified, consistent, timely, and maximizing, efficiency, it seemed, until very recently, politics was placed ahead of public health!

When President Trump does his daily press briefing, there seems to be, little, to no empathy, and/ or, sincerity! Many state, when we compare it, to Governor Cuomo’s briefing, which are empathetic, compassionate, and informative! We shouldn’t blame him, for the virus, itself, but, he should be held accountable for, his prior actions, lack of preparation, and messaging!

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Source by Richard Brody

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