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The V9BET bookie is the most potential and fastest growing bookmaker in the Asian market in the 21st century. With a series of attractive offers, V9BET is a pretty good betting site that you can choose to join, especially for football betting. So what is good about football betting and handicap on V9BET, read on.

Overview of V9BET Online Bookie

V9BET bookie was established in 2012, which is also the time when online bookies began to emerge to operate more strongly. After 8 years of operation, the bookie has marked a milestone in the Top professional bookie in 2020.


At the same time that online bookies appeared quite a lot in the Asian market, V9Bet with its inherent prestige so far has been and is becoming the leading bookmaker in Asia. V9Bet has been internationally certified for ISLE OF MAN GAMBLING SUPERVISION COMMISSION.

V9BET football betting

V9BET offers continuous football betting odds with a full range of major tournaments. To meet the needs of all sports lovers around the world to follow the daily sports odds table every day, the bookie offers a full range of football odds for classic tournaments such as: Premier League, La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Portugal), League 1 (France), UEFA Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro, etc.

There are 2 football betting halls: IBC Sport and Inplaymatrix. View full live football odds of your favorite leagues.

V9BET offers all standard football bets: Handicap, Over/ Under, 1×2 (Half & Full), Goals – even/odd, total goals, 1st half/end, correct result, first/last goal, final bet, special – Higher Parlay with full odds: European, Malay, HongKong, Indo odds.

The bookie updates the odds table every 5 minutes, ensuring to bring customers the best odds. In addition to opening odds for thousands of matches in play, V9BET also opens early bets so members can place bets at any time.

Along with a team of V9BET researchers who have extensive experience in the betting field, the bookie always strives to offer the highest odds with an accuracy of up to 99.9% to ensure no last minute cancellations.

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Some online football handicaps V9BET

Almost all football matches have handicap odds. Another name for this bet is Handicap, which is very popular with Asian players.

In a match, there will be two teams, the bookie provides the handicap to balance the playing power of the two teams. The stronger team will accept the weaker team a certain percentage, the most basic is 0.25 goals.

  • Handicap 1/4: The top team will handicap the underdog with 0.25 goals.
  • Handicap 1/2: The upper hand handicap the underdog 0.5 goals.
  • Handicap 3/4: The underdog team is given a handicap of 0.75 goals
  • Handicap 1: The upper hand handicap the underdog 1 goal.

There is also a handicap of 1.5 goals, 1 3/4 goals or 2 goals. Depending on each match and the strength of the two teams playing, V9BET bookie at will offer appropriate odds.

How to calculate winnings for Handicap

Based on the positive and negative odds, the actual bet amount that the player receives is not the same as other bets. Handicap winnings will be calculated according to the formula:

  • In case of winning all: If you win the whole match, the bonus you will receive will be: Winning amount = Original amount x Odds of winning bets.
  • The case of half winning: With a simple understanding, half winning is the player winning half of the bookie’s money. The calculation formula will be: Win amount = (Bet Odds x Bet amount)/2.
  • In case of losing at all: There is a similarity with European bets, if the player loses the entire match, the player will lose the entire bet amount.
  • In case of half loss: The amount that the player will lose to the player is calculated according to the formula: Loss amount = (Bet amount x Odds)/2.


Information about football betting and handicaps on V9BET is always updated in time for players, along with high odds is what makes you choose football betting on V9BET from today to make a profit.

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