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How To Fix NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan Application Invalid bvn Issues

Are you facing invalid bvn issues while applying for NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF loan.

Here we are going to help you.

There are many Nigerians who are trying to apply for NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF but are not able to do it due to invalid BVN problem. Or other technical reasons such as downtime being experienced on the portal due to third-party verification services related to loan applications, we have good news for you.

We have written this guide to help you on how you can successfully apply for COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan for Nigerians

  • For Applicants applying for the household loan visit
  • For Applicants applying for microenterprises or SMEs loan visit
  • Click on “NEW” and then click on next. Your application reference number will pop up, kindly write it down or screenshot it. It will be required when you try to login to check the progress of your application.
  • Then click on continue to proceed and then NEXT.
  • The new page will request you to fill in your personal information, this includes, your bvn, names, state of origin, etc.
  • Note, do not fill your bvn immediately. Kindly fill in your state of residence, enter your email, confirm your email, enter your marital status, phone number and then answer the rest of the questions you are allowed to answer.

Important Pages

Easily fill COVID-19 TCF application

Apply For 2021 NMFB CBN Covid-19 TCF Loan

At this stage, you will see that you still cannot edit your name, gender and birth status, please ignore and go ahead and fill in your Ban (BVN)k Verification Number (BVN). Your Bank Verification Number should be the last part to be filled.

In clearer terms ”Answer all the questions you have entered. Then type your BVN and press next on your keyboard. This will boot the BVN and once your BVN is authenticated, every line you can access cannot be written by themselves “.

Then click the next button to continue, it will move you to the next step but if the page doesn’t move any further please reload the page again and try these steps again, but I am pretty sure this will move to the next step.

Under NMFB management, the Bank and its partners are constantly working to ensure that operations are resolved quickly in the short term.

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