Five Bizarre Motives for Murder

As a mystery writer, I am always thinking of bizarre motives for murder. There are a lot motives to kill people. Some are acceptable; say, self-defense. Others, like war, are debated. And then there are those that are just strange, bizarre, bordering on being excessively… weird. Why?

Reading the news is proof enough that we are not as sane as we think we are. There are daily stories about escalating problems, violent actions, overreactions, and just plain shit hitting the fan… for the cops to clean up.

Here are a few examples of bizarre motives for murder:

  1. Serial Killers

Hannibal, Jack the Ripper, and other psychopaths come to mind. These guys are systematic with their operation; basically everyday men, or women, who have grown a rather dangerous fascination with murder; and they carry it out rather excellently.

The characteristics of the victims they target may range from age to hair color, or anything in between. Even among murderers and convicts, they are the ‘weird guys’ (I mean, the weird guys among the weird guys).

They sometimes leave clues behind to experience a ‘thrill of the chase’ which makes for interesting TV shows, books, and movies. In the meantime, we unknowing citizens go about our daily life with that serial killer who could be our mailman, driver, handyman, or neighbor. Thankfully, we’re not his type. Pretty bizarre.

  1. Gang Related

When you think about it, this is one of the stupidest and strangest motives to murder someone. Most times it boils down to vengeance or taking back what has been taken; power tussles and basically alpha male rumbles. Many gang related murders occur because someone lives on the wrong side of town.

Wait; I mean, the reason they kill is because you live on the 14th and the other guy lives on the 88th. Well, if that isn’t motive enough to ‘pop a cap in their ass’, I don’t know what is.

So many adolescents and teens have been caught in this form of senseless violence that they nicknamed it Chiraq, a mixture of Chicago and Iraq.

  1. “He Looked At Me the Wrong Way”

This deals with alpha males who have a problem with their masculinity, or femininity, as the case may be; chilling with a beer in their hands, looking around for someone to incite them in any way, violence seekers with an apparent hunger for altercations.

Almost always in tip top shape and ready to give death away… for free, I might add.

  1. Rituals

Yes, deadly rituals exist. Sigh. When we think of fatal rituals we think of Jonestown, where Preacher Jim Jones urged 600 of his followers to drink arsenic and kill themselves.

This sort of mass suicide quasi ritual went down in America’s history of mass death as a black mark on the free world; the grave was, indeed, a huge mass of waste.

  1. Protest

Protests fall somewhere between stupid and brave. A couple of years ago, an Egyptian went for a job interview and failed to get it. He used his last change to buy petrol, wrote a suicide letter, and doused himself on fire.

This bizarre and strange act led to a countrywide protest which caused the President to step down and an effective revolution to take place. In cases like this, murder or suicide as the case may be, isn’t just murder. It becomes an instrument for great change.

So there you have it; five bizarre motives for murder. Strange, yes?

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Source by Rayna Morgan

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