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Federal Government begins second round of disbursement for the Youth fund.

The National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) earlier this year has notified those who have shown interest (by application) in the Youth Fund to verify their BVN.

As part of the process, two weeks ago, most applicants were sent pre-qualification messages.

The sending of pre-qualified messages is in batches, so there is still hope if you have not gotten.

If you have applied and have verify your BVN, and also, if you have successfully created a password but you are yet to get a verification mail, there is no need to panic but you must be ready to follow instructions.

There are several logic to this youth loan. Nothing is constant and you will not all get the same respond or message.

Number one thing to note is the fact that, it is possible not be trained and still be given the loan it all depends on the kind of activities that have been going on around your bvn.

You remember you apply through your bvn, and those bvn have to be verified, it is therefore the result the management of this youth fund get from your bvn that will determine what happens to your application and subsequently, the loan.

As we speak, there are those who were selected and trained in the first batch which happens last year, but are yet to get the loan this is because investigation has not been concluded about their BVN. It is worthy to note that some account number can not take more than 100,000 naira per credit.So, It is important to confirm with your bank as to the volume of credit your account can take for a single transaction.

There is no need to panic if the response you get is that you have not been trained. It is a system error and will be corrected soon.

If you have gotten a verification mail, but you are having issues with how to verify the mail due to network issue, pleas be calm, it is never going to be too late. The system has already captured you and you are qualify for the loan since you have the pre-qualify SMS.

Another round of disbursement will commence next week which is the month of March. The stage below is the second to the last stage. If you have gotten to the stage below, relax, your loan will be approved by next month.

nirsal loan approval

FG begins second round of disbursement for the Youth fund. » Voice of Nigeria

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