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FAAN Salary Structure

faan salary structure

Here we are going to disclose how much FAANs pay for their workers.

Post Wise Salary Details

  • Mechanical Engineer: ₦86K
  • Head o Production: ₦238K
  • Data Entry Expert And ICT Technical Support: ₦67K
  • Fire Rescue Officer: ₦189K

FAAN Salary Structure For New Entry Level Employees?

The estimated current wage earned by new entry workers of level 8 is approximately ₦70K – ₦80K per month tax after tax (except allowances) * There may also be an additional housing allowance for new entrance level workers.

The salary of the interns and trainees is less than the amount paid in comparison to entry level workers.

The salary information which is given in this section is subject to change, the figures quoted here are only estimates and  not 100% accurate.

FAAN Salary Structure » Voice of Nigeria

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