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What is Burn and Earn? Burn and Earn is a 6 week transformation challenge designed to help you drop body fat and lose weight. It is a friendly competition where you can win the grand prize of $1000 by having the highest % of weight loss. There are also other prizes given out too.

Additional Prizes for:
Best Visual Change: Prize 3 months free.

Prizes for playing the Burn and Earn Challenger games. WIN T-shirts, Water Bottles, Towels and you can win your entry fee back

Team Prizes. The team with the highest % of weight loss as a team!

How do I win? In order to win the Grand Prize or other prizes you must
1. Attend orientation. (Mandatory Orientation Times for members August 12th & 13th. The Orientation for NON MEMBERS is August 5th & 6th)


Friday August 5th at 6:30 am and 7:30pm
Saturday August 6th at 6:30 am

Friday, August 12th at 6:30am and 7:30pm
Saturday, August 13th at 6:30am

12th and 13th times will be for members ONLY!!

2. Workout. 4 times a week at 1 of our 3 locations.

3.Must have a Facebook Active Facebook acct and remember to check in. This is to track attendance (It’s ok to make a Facebook acct just for the challenge)

4. Meal prep: weekly and post pictures of meal prep once a week in private Facebook group.

5. Keep a food Journal: This is emailed in weekly or take pics of meals daily and post in private fb group.

6. E mail in weekly progress report.

7.Take a Before and After picture (All pictures will be private and will not be used unless you give us permission OR IF YOU ARE THE 1st PLACE WINNER)

8. Take a Before and After picture in bathing suit if competing for best visual change. No exceptions!!!!!!!!!

9. Weigh in With one of the Fit Body coaches.

(At orientation we will be taking measurements, weigh-ins, body-fat and pictures (wear comfortable clothing or a bathing suit if plan to compete for best visual change).

Who is Burn and Earn for? Burn and Earn is for members and non members. YEP!!!! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE A PROMO IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ALSO JOIN THIS ONE TIME.

When does Burn and Earn start? Burn and Earn starts August 15

Where does Burn and Earn take Place? We have 3 locations. Burn and Earn will take place at all 3 of those locations

What are the addresses and times?

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