Earn N10,00,000/Month: Top 5 Methods in 2023

Absolutely right! You’ve got it spot on. With just your mobile phone, you can effortlessly earn 10,00,000 Naira per month. Why doubt it? Your mobile device can be a tool for productive work, my friend.

Today, I’m going to share five strong and yet very simple ideas with you. These ideas have the potential to help you make 10,00,000 Naira every month.


In today’s age of the internet, making money isn’t hard for anyone, but here’s the problem: most people are just consuming irrelevant content on social media.

You’ll find numerous videos on YouTube about making money, but how many of them are genuine? That’s the real question. So, I’ve discovered practical and attainable ideas for you.

Before you lose interest, let me tell you that all these ideas are completely free, and I’ve personally tested them all.

To achieve faster results, it’s advisable to implement both idea number 2 and 5 simultaneously. Let’s not delay any further and begin right away.

Idea No. 1:  Create Your Own Instagram Account

Take a look at those Instagram accounts without showing any person’s face – these are called “faceless” Instagram accounts.

Just check out an account named “Millennium Maintenance”.

instagram account

They already have ten million followers and they’ve been posting content without showing any faces. It’s really simple content, my friend. They’re using just photos and text, which you can easily make on your phone using free tools like Pixel or Canva.

You won’t be paid for creating content on Instagram, I know it sounds bad, but Instagram hasn’t started monetization yet. However, other creators are currently making money through sponsors and affiliates.

But let me suggest something: try sending shout-outs. This means someone will pay you to post about them in your story. There are many people who want to grow their own Instagram pages and sell their services or products.

For example, my gym trainer has his own Instagram account where he posts free fitness-related content. You can also book him as a personal trainer. You won’t pay him for that, but it will help him to get clients.   You’ll find many business pages like finance, astrology, or food services that often offer shout-outs.

I’ve seen creators spending thousands of dollars for shout-outs, so there’s high demand. Initially, you can sell shout-outs on platforms like But once you have a good number of followers and your story views increase, high-paying clients will start contacting you.

For instance, if you sell a shout-out for $50, that’s about 38,000 Nigerian naira. This means you only need to sell about 25 shout-outs to make a 10,00,000 Naira  per month. And when I say one shout-out, it doesn’t mean from just one Instagram account. It’s hard to get that many from a single account.

But you can create multiple Instagram accounts in different niches at the same time. Some folks have over 15 big accounts or even more. Faceless Instagram accounts are quite scalable. Through this, people can also promote their blog posts, e-books, YouTube channels, and paid courses.

Idea No. 2: Creating a Creative Faceless YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel without showing your face? It’s possible! Many people are doing it and even making good money. Some aim to earn up to 10,00,000 Naira every month. This might sound like a big number, but with the right steps, it’s achievable. Let’s dive into how you can set up and run a successful faceless YouTube channel.

Start by identifying an in-demand yet under saturated niche. Consider areas of your passion or expertise, such as animation, voiceover storytelling, or video essays, which don’t necessitate showing a face. Ensure your content is of high quality; using top-notch graphics, captivating scripts, and clear audio is essential. While tools like Canva and Audacity can be invaluable for this, monetization should go beyond just YouTube AdSense.

Incorporate affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. Engage actively with your viewers by responding to comments, conducting polls, and seeking feedback, as this fosters loyalty and boosts your content’s promotion on YouTube. A consistent upload schedule is crucial, whether you post once or several times a week.

Beyond relying on YouTube’s algorithm, take initiative to share your videos on social media, embed them in blogs, or team up with fellow creators. Regularly assess your channel’s analytics to understand viewer patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly. While success won’t come instantly, with commitment and the right tactics, reaching 10,00,000 Naira a month is feasible.

Now, let’s talk about video ideas. You can do gadget unboxing, book reviews, stock analysis, horror stories, relationship advice, or educational videos – all without showing your face. On YouTube, your monthly earnings can reach one million Naira through AdSense and sponsorships.

You might have seen YouTube changing the lives of many, but it’s also true that a single wrong upload can ruin your online presence. With some smart tricks, you could even build the world’s biggest channel.

Idea No. 3: Freelancing

Many people think freelancing means working from vacation spots and making good money. But behind that is the late-night hard work, chasing deadlines, and the worry of finding high-paying clients quickly.

Nobody talks about that side. If you’re ready for all this, then consider freelancing. We’re all part of the creator economy, and people are always ready to pay creators. I’m talking about video editors, content writers, and artists. If you’re good at video editing, why not create a gig on platforms like Fiverr? Gradually, lots of people will start contacting you.

There are numerous plans on freelancing websites. People pay you according to their needs, like editing videos, and you can adjust your rates too. For instance, you can edit videos for various plans at the same time and charge a decent amount.

In video editing, there are different types like cinematic editing, documentary editing, retention editing, blog editing, and so on. In the beginning, try all kinds of video editing and then focus on the one you enjoy the most.

If you’re not into video editing but want to provide content writing services, you can also earn 10,00,000 Naira monthly. Even if you’re not the best content writer, this job is possible.

However, you need to learn the ropes. Nowadays, people are using automation tools like ChatGPT and others to write content quickly. If you use AI to write your scripts, always remember not to copy-paste everything.

Get an idea, then rewrite it. Insert your points, look at the client’s page, and write in their brand style. You can always check if your content is original using tools or checks, but remember, an idea struck you today – work on it.

No matter what you do, never compromise on quality just to save time. Fooling people won’t lead to long-term success. Focus on mastering your skills, and if you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to seek it.

Idea No. 4: Education

Alright, let’s move on to the fourth idea on the list, which is my personal favorite: education. Bill Gates reads fifty books every year. In an interview, he mentioned that if he could give one piece of advice to his younger self, it would be to read a lot.

You might be thinking, why would a billionaire at this age need to learn new things by reading? Just enjoy life, right? But that’s not the case, my friend. Education is like the world itself; it doesn’t end after college. If you don’t keep learning new things over time, you’ll fall behind.

And here’s the best part: any skill you learn can be monetized. Learn a skill on your own first, then teach it to others and make a lot of money. Let me tell you about a 45-year-old uncle I know. He used to work a private job, but recently he completed a digital marketing learning. Now, he provides consultancy services.

Through this side gig, he easily earns 50,000 Naira per month. So, even if you get a professional degree, it’s not the end. Nowadays, you can learn digital skills in just three months on the internet. Before spending money on luxury vacations, invest in yourself. Learn an advanced skill, create a course, and you’ll have a source of passive income.

Idea No. 5   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful income generator in the digital age. At its core, it involves promoting products or services for another company and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link.

To earn a substantial 10,00,000 Naira monthly, there are strategies to consider:

Your affiliate marketing journey starts with selecting a niche. This could be based on your personal interest or a market gap you’ve identified. The key is to pick a niche that’s profitable and aligns with your knowledge or passion.

Not all affiliate programs are created equal. It’s crucial to associate with companies that have a track record of trustworthiness, offer competitive commissions, and provide products or services that are in demand.

Whether you run a blog, YouTube channel, or social media page, delivering high-quality content is essential. Your content should not only promote the affiliate product but also provide genuine value to your audience.

Unlike traditional sales, affiliate marketing thrives on trust. By consistently engaging with your audience and being transparent about your affiliations, you foster trust. An audience that trusts you is more likely to make purchases through your referral links.

Relying on a single traffic source or marketing strategy can be limiting. Experiment with different content formats, advertising strategies, and even multiple affiliate programs. Regularly review your strategies and adjust based on performance metrics.

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in affiliate marketing, SEO techniques, and other tools that can amplify your efforts.

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