Dubai Jobs – 5 Steps to Get a Job in Dubai Faster

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Dubai has probably the most competitive job market in the world. There are thousands of employees desperately trying to get jobs in Dubai. Most of them visit Dubai and search for jobs. I will show you how to get a job in Dubai faster. Follow these five steps and beat the competition.

The most frustrating thing of job search in Dubai is the poor response from recruitment agents. The reason for that is the volume of resumes they are receiving for vacancies. There is a big chance that they will never even see your resume even though you are the most suitable candidate for a particular vacancy.

So how to overcome these problems and get a job in Dubai? Below five steps will definitely help you to get a job in Dubai.

Step 1 – Directly apply for employer advertisements (avoid job agencies)

Some employers are advertising their vacancies in Dubai newspapers. Gulf News and Khaleej Times are the leading newspapers in Dubai. Please Google the names to find the online editions of these websites. I cannot mention the URLs as I need to comply with article submission guidelines. Also major employers are advertising vacancies in their websites.

Step 2 – Download the “Dubai Job Secrets” e-book

This e-book has all secret tips and strategies to get a job in Dubai. This is by far the best source to get “Dubai specific” job-hunting tips. The download link is

Step 3 – Stick with few reliable recruitment agencies

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in Dubai. But only few are reliable and providing a quality services. Below are two of them

Clarendon Parker (

Charter House Middle East (

Try and establish a good relationship with the person who is handling type of vacancies that your are applying for. Follow-up follow-up follow-up.

You also can look for local recruitment agencies in your state or country who is recruiting for Dubai.

Step 4 – Stick with reliable online job boards

Below are few websites with reliable vacancies

Step 5 – Directly contact employers

If you think that your skills are useful to a companies in a particular industry then market it directly to Dubai employers. Go to Dubai yellow pages (, search for suitable companies and contact them directly.

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Source by Gayasri Gamanayake

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