Dubai Financial Stock Updates – Study Well Before Trading in DFM Stocks

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Dubai Financial Market (DFM) & Abu Dhabi Security Market (ADSM) :

These are our personal experiences with the Dubai & Abu Dhabi Stocks & Securities Markets & how the day trade tricks work to be a successful brokers in DFM or ADS. It has become one of the hot spots in the Middle East as well as in the world of Stocks & Financial markets. Investors now got interests in the hot news from DFM or ADS.My wife and me are online brokers. We provide here our experiences & stories through EzineArticles.

We started with a little capital by borrowing from banks and opened an account with the securities through a well reputed Bank-most reliable online trading platform. Of course, they got limitations and flaws that you got to know what is wrong and what steps needed to be taken to improve your online trading in any stocks.

Be warned that that all the traders or news group will publish company y news to entice you to buy or sell. Do enough market research before you invest in DFM or ADS stock as due to your mistakes or error will eat up your money up. You will see some good profits and that let you buy huge quantity of any stock. We feel that as soon as huge investments are made , they will do some unnatural phenomenon that you will never understand. How it is possible to fluctuate the prices .

We bought out first stock in June 2006, and often tried to make some profits, but always luck did not favor us . Many times we became the victims due to our innocent knowledge of the next or future tricks that the big bulk investors were controlling by injecting huge amount into the market. So we sold shares that we held . Same way we bought some banks’ shares as they were suppose to provide good dividends . But alas! for the last two years we did not make any profit out of any bank shares .

We have been holding the stocks for over a year. We neither got any profit nor any additional stock into our accounts. Why? So study well before jumping into stock trading.

So we request you to read and study enough before joining for trades in stock.

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Source by Dr Altaf Hossain

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