Do Sheds Increase Property Value?

Sheds are known for their convenience, functionality, and practicality. They allow you to declutter and free up space in your home, garden, and garage. They are also a great place to store away all the seasonal items you don’t use year-round, such as that massive Christmas tree and that big box of birthday decorations.

Sheds can also be used as workspaces or to store away gardening equipment; the possibilities are endless. They are extremely versatile and you can use them according to your needs.

Besides the wide array of possible uses, having a shed on your property can increase its value. Some buyers specifically prefer properties with sheds. Who wouldn’t love to have a functional and valuable addition to their home?

Read through this article to find out if sheds increase property value.

Storage Value

Having a shed on your property doesn’t automatically make your property more valuable just for the sake of it. What makes a shed add to a property’s value is the benefits that it offers to current and prospective homeowners.

The first and most prominent reason why homes with sheds make better properties is the storage value that comes along with a shed. Most people initially install sheds because they want more space and storage area – it is the main reason why most people buy or build a shed.

This is what makes homebuyers attracted to properties with sheds. When people move into new homes, they take a lifetime’s worth of belongings with them.

Generally speaking, no one would want to clutter their new home as soon as they move in, and getting rid of personal belongings is not an option either. This is what makes sheds ideal for new homeowners. Make sure that when you get a shed installed, it is a reasonable size that would hold a decent amount of items.

Design Aesthetic

Sheds can add a flattering design aspect to just about any home. However, most sheds are in plain sight, which is why they must be well-maintained and match the style of your home. Bear in mind that a shed that’s in a poor condition or that doesn’t seem aesthetically relevant to the rest of your home can be counterproductive.

Not only will it not add to the value of your home, but it will also be enough to drive potential buyers away. If your shed is placed and installed strategically, looked after and maintained, and designed to specifically complement your home, your property will attract buyers in no time.


Many gardens, especially large ones, lack structure and a sense of grandeur. There is something about a large open space with nothing in sight but a lawn that lacks personality and character. A well-designed shed that goes well with its surroundings may just be what your property needs.

Though, when you are building or choosing your shed, make sure that it is built out of premium quality materials. Sheds are storage spaces or demanding workspaces and workshops, which is why they must be made of heavy-duty materials.

You also need to remember that outdoor sheds need to be strong enough to withstand excruciating heat, sun exposure, rainstorms, snowfalls, and hails. Otherwise, your shed and your belongings will be in pieces in no time.

If you live in a country known for its extreme temperatures like Australia, your shed must be ready to face whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. The shed designers at Designer Sheds encourage you to get a shed that suits both your taste and your needs and can also withstand extreme weather changes.

If potential homebuyers notice that your shed is built with poor quality materials, they may grow disinterested because remodeling or revamping the shed will just be an added cost to them.

Emergency Space

Sheds are known for their storage value, however, have you ever thought about their additional space value? You never know when a little extra space might come in handy.

While it may not be ideal, sheds can serve as an extra emergency bedroom if you have unexpected guests over. If you decided to get a dog but still haven’t built a dog house for it, the shed can provide them with a temporary home.

If you need a personal exercise area, a quiet art room, or peaceful zen, the shed will do. If you are not using your shed for storage purposes, make sure to decorate it nicely. Prospective homebuyers surely will be in awe.

Do Sheds Increase Property Value?

Sheds can increase your home value if they are well-maintained and properly designed. They have many benefits to offer and can be a very valuable addition to your property, depending on how you choose to use them.

As long as you keep the above factors in mind when buying or building your shed, potential homebuyers will find it an appealing home feature.

Do Sheds Increase Property Value?
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