Different Visions Of America: 7 Examples

Does it seem, to you, as it does to many others, one of the reasons, our nation is so divided, is there are different visions, held, of what, this nation, means (and should mean), and represent, and how we need, to proceed forward, into the future? When Donald Trump proclaims his famous slogan, Make America Great Again, it creates, different emotions, views, and beliefs, in what that means and represents, and whether, it is a good, or bad thing! Today’s, America, is, perhaps, the most divided, in recent memory, and attempting to get all or most factions, to work together, for the common good, often, seems, nearly – impossible! Depending on perspective, and political/ personal beliefs, preferences, etc, there seems to be, significantly, differing visions for what this nation should be, and represent! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 examples, and why they are significant.

1. Benefit the few, versus, the many: Many policies, etc, we have witnessed, these past few years, have appeared to benefit the wealthiest people, and largest corporations, and done little, for most others! This has been true, on many occasions, including: the tax reform legislation, passed in 2017; favored treatment for certain friends, associates, and donors, etc; how stimulus monies were divided, during this pandemic, etc.

2. Equal rights, versus, selective ones: No American document, mentions, selective enforcement of those freedoms, rights, and justice, for – all, but accentuates, equal ones, for everyone, regardless of status, etc! While there are many reasons, for the degree of unrest, in this nation, one of the areas, which seems to be dividing us, is, the present administration’s lack, of support, for addressing some of the many areas, and components, of systemic racism!

3. Environment: Although, for decades, our Presidents have attempted to protect the environment, and create/ enforce certain essential regulations, especially, in terms of, clean air, and water, etc, President Trump, has signed numerous Executive Orders, to reduce, eliminate, and oppose these measures. While, he claims, doing so, will benefit the nation, economically, etc, others state, doing so, will harm future generations, and safer, healthier living!

4. Climate Change: Nearly every reputable, scientist, and climate expert, states, Climate Change, is not only real, but, a clear, potential danger to the world’s sustainability, Trump withdrew us from the Paris Accords, and claims, it is a combination of a hoax, and a radical idea! His vision is, it costs too much, to maintain these regulations!

5. Populism, versus, Sustainable: Many politicians proceed, with populist rhetoric, which emphasizes, some existing/ present, populist theme/ challenge, etc, while others, realize, if we don’t proceed, consistently, in a well – considered, relevant, sustainable way, we lose, in the bigger – picture!

6. Love, versus, hate one’s neighbors: Trump’s focus seems to be adversarial, and polarizing, often, blaming, and complain, and faulting individuals/ groups, such as immigrants, specific ethnicities/ races, etc, his political opponents, and other nations, etc. However, doesn’t it seem to make common sense, if we don’t seek to work together, for the greater good, and work diligently, to create a meeting – of – the – minds, everyone loses?

7. Unifying, versus, polarizing: In recent memory, most of us, cannot remember, any other public leader, who seemed to be, such a polarizing influence, as this President. He seems to believe, it works for him, but wouldn’t unifying us, make America greater, and considerably, saner?

There are differing visions, and preferences, in today’s America. How we proceed, forward, will probably, determine, our future!

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Source by Richard Brody

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