Did Fracking Cause the Recent Earthquake in the United Sates and Canada?

Earthquakes are a common occurrence throughout the World, but when a 6.5 magnitude quake struck Virginia, and spread to cause aftershocks across the East coast of America – Few experts could explain why? One theory is that “fracking” or the hydraulic fracturing of the earths crust may have been the cause.

Virginia, has never had a history of large Earthquakes in the last 10.000 years, and is an area which is away from the quake lines, which circle the world, but It is one state that has seen a huge growth of Fracking or the Hydraulic fracturing of our Earths crust- as energy companies seek more resources to fuel a gas and oil dependent economy

Fracking is a simple technique, a drill burrows deep into the earths crust, and a fluid is poured through the well head to crack the rocks, which form the foundation stones of our planet. Inside this foundation, oil, natural gas and water can be forced out, at a lower cost then other drilling methods. Currently over 90% of the natural gas used in the United States is through fracturing our planets foundation stone.

Internationally fracking is a less commonly used, because it causes environmental damage, the risk of earthquakes, and sinkholes. In the UK, fracking was stopped after the town of Blackpool experienced a minor quake, whilst in nuclear powered France- it was banned. This raises questions whether an unlikely earthquake, which cracked the ceiling of Washington’s famous Washington Cathedral, was actually man- made rather than a ‘natural disaster.’

The fact that a nation is willing to destroy its environment, and endanger millions of people because of a dependence on oil, and gas, shows that if this continues and further earthquakes occur, the cost of the damage of future earthquakes, could probably exceed the initial investment needed to build a society that runs completely on sustainable green energies.

Was the East coast earthquake a warning message, by mother earth for energy companies to stop damaging our planets foundation stone?

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Source by Mark W. Medley

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