Detecting a New Computer Virus Is Almost Impossible – How to Remove This New Type of Threat

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I’m sure that by now you have heard quite a bit about computer viruses. One of the most recent ones that made the news was the Stuxnet Worm, designed to quite literally blow apart uranium centrifuges in Iran. While your computer most likely doesn’t hold the key ingredient to a nuclear weapon, I’m sure you want to keep private information such as bank and credit card account numbers to the vendors you trust with that information.

While old computer viruses were slow and clumsy, new ones are almost impossible to detect without a good antivirus program. Old viruses used to leave telltale signs such as an overall slow computer, random popups showing up while browsing the internet, or system warning notifications that just won’t go away. These viruses would stick out like a sore thumb, even if you didn’t have a great antivirus program. Sadly, most computer hackers who are building these viruses have realized this and moved on. What this means is that it you want to stay ahead of the hackers, you need to invest in a comprehensive antivirus suite that is both versatile and powerful.

Computer viruses can strike at any time which is why you need to take a proactive approach to treating them. Imagine if you could know in advance that you were going to get a throat infection. You would be foolish not to act on the information and prevent the infection from ever occurring by taking medicine to kill the germ before it could make you sick. Computer viruses work in very much the same way. With over 1,500,000,000 unique users on the internet, you are very vulnerable, similar to sitting day in and day out in an enclosed room containing a bunch of sick people. A good antivirus program is like a strong medicine, ready to treat the infection before it can make your computer “sick.”

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