Dallas Cowboys – How to Fumble a Domain Name Renewal

According to the Dallas News, someone from the US football team Dallas Cowboys “apparently forgot to renew its registration on the dallascowboys dot com domain and the site was pulled Sunday night, replaced with a generic page indicating the address was available for purchase from Network Solutions LLC.” It seems that the contact email for the domain name was the owner´s son Jerry Jones Jr, so it is a question whether heads will roll.

Being responsible for your company´s domain name portfolio can be an ungrateful job. Compare the IT security standards to the eventual consequences when it breaks down, and you have an uneven playing field. Everything just have to work all the time, but when it does not, then it has dire consequences; A website shutting down for a few days can cost several orders. Never recovering a domain name can cost millions over time in lost branding.

Here is what you do, if you are responsible for the domains in your company. It takes 2 minutes and is straightforward:

– Ensure that your primary contact email will always work; right now and five years from now

– Have a backup parachute, if your parachute does not work; Most registrars should offer an option to have a 2nd email to receive renewal reminders

– Renew your domains for longer periods than one year; two or five years is possible

By the way the story ended happily. The website Dallascowboys dot com is up and running again, but surely Junior has been moved to another department.

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Source by Christopher Hofman

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