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British High Commission Entertains Fear Over Insecurity In Nigeria, Says It Could Pose A Threat To Elections

The British High Commission has expressed worry about how the insecurity ravaging Nigeria could pose a threat to the forthcoming general election.

The Commission admitted that the worsening economic crisis and security challenges stand in the way of a free fair and credible election next year.

It however said notwithstanding the circumstances, it is committed to a successful general election in 2023 because the world would be watching Nigeria and that it would also be a significant milestone for the country.

Naija News reports that the Head, Governance, and Stability in the Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Drew, made this observation in Abuja at a national stakeholders forum on elections organized by a coalition of over 80 human rights organizations under the aegis of Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room( NCSSR )with support from FCDO and UKAID.

Drew said, “There are admittedly concerns as we approach the polls. Nigeria is going into the general elections against a backdrop of security concerns and challenging economic growth.

“These are all factors that can potentially impact on the successful execution of the polls and hinder the meaningful participation of citizens across the country. The UK stands ready to continue to support INEC and all relevant stakeholders in the efforts to effectively execute the polls within this context.

“Nigeria’s democracy really matters; as the largest democracy in Africa, Nigeria’s leadership on electoral reform and practice is important for the continent and beyond. Other countries look to Nigeria for democracy issues. The execution of the 2023 polls will be a significant milestone in this respect.

“As a long-standing partner, we believe in Nigeria, and we believe in democracy in Nigeria. We are keen to see a successful general election in Nigeria next year.”

Naija News gathered that the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, at the event said the commission was mobilizing every national institution to track campaign financing and combat the illicit flow of funds.

According to him, INEC had reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding with the National Union of Road Transport Workers and expanded the scope of collaboration to include the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria for the riverine areas.

The INEC boss said “Turning to campaign finance, the commission is determined to tackle the matter frontally. Areas of violation include party and candidate expenditure beyond what is provided by law and the diabolical practice of vote buying at polling units on election day.

“We are mobilising every national institution with the responsibility for tracking and combating the illicit flow of funds as well as the broadcast and print media regulatory agencies to confront the problem head-on. The details of this will be unveiled shortly.

“On electoral logistics, particularly the arrangements for the movement of personnel and materials to various locations during elections, the commission met again with the service providers and reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding with the road transport unions.

“Arising from our experience in previous elections, the commission has expanded the scope of collaboration to include the marine union for the riverine areas. Very soon, the revised MoU will be signed with the service providers to cover both land and maritime transportation.

“However, there are four broad areas that Nigerians would like to receive assurances of the progress the Commission is making and challenges (if any) being encountered. They are security, campaign finance, technology, the Permanent Voters’ Cards and assurances that their votes will count on election day.

“On security, the commission has said repeatedly that it is an area of concern. The commission has the responsibility to conduct elections. However, securing the environment for the deployment of personnel and materials as well as the peaceful conduct of elections is a shared responsibility involving the security agencies, the political actors and their supporters, the media and all other critical stakeholders.

“The perennial insecurity in the country is a source for concern. This existing challenge is compounded by the unfortunate incidents of attacks on campaigns, rallies and processions across all political parties.”

” Beyond the provisions of the law, the commission held an emergency meeting of the Inter-Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security in the wake of the recent attacks on INEC Local Government offices in Ogun and Osun States.

“Far-reaching resolutions were arrived at, including the deployment of joint security teams to our facilities nationwide. Beyond that, the Inspector-General of Police summoned an extraordinary meeting with leaders of political parties on the imperative of peaceful campaigns.

“We will continue to follow up on that bold step in our engagement with political parties and other critical stakeholders.”

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