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We always look forward to birthdays as humans which we take as a very special event in our life. During birthday celebrations, we are filled with so much excitement. Some even go as far as throwing a big party. It’s really worth calling friends, loved ones and receiving gifts.

Ladies in love go to any length to make their boyfriends birthday mean a lot. It is one of the most interesting things to do. Some things like distance may cause the celebration not to be the way you desire but that shouldn’t cause any alarm or a sad face for you. What matters is how you keep the heart of your beloved boyfriend at utmost joy from a distance on his birthday.

There’s no need to worry because in this 2021, these, “Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Who Is Far Away” got you covered. Send him these fantastic birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance and let him know distance is not a barrier to your love and celebrating his birthday.

Long Distance Happy Birthday Wishes for Him – Boyfriend

Awesome Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend from the Heart.

1. Right from my heart to where you are, I wish you peace, love and joy as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. You’re alive today to celebrate a special moment. Let your celebration be fruitful my love. Happy Birthday!

3. Everything you ever hoped for and all you aim to achieve shall be possible for you as you enter into a new age in a grand style. Many more years, baby.

4. I have been anxious to celebrate your special day with you but unfortunately, your presence is far away. I still pray for you that you continue to excel. Happy Birthday!

5. I know that you are having fun dear. Ride on, have a fantastic day because it’s your birthday. Long life in good health and wealth. Happy Birthday!

6. I feel happy today from within my heart because someone special is celebrating a special day. I love you, babe. Happy Birthday!

7. You know how much I miss you and how I’ll love to shout your birthday to the world. I still celebrate you my darling. Happy birthday with great love.

8. Even with our distance, your love grows stronger in me. You deserve so much more today, babe. Happy Birthday!

9. Physically I’m not there to give you the kiss you deserve to open today. Just close your eyes and feel it in your heart because it’s what I’m doing now. I wish you have the best birthday today.

10. Without my presence, you’ll still get blessings for today. I pray your strength shall not fail and good news of joyous celebration shall be your portion. My beloved, happy birthday.

11. It’s not easy to stay in your absence for you fill me with so much laughter and peace. May you be honored above all, dear. A wonderful birthday I wish you.

12. May this your birthday marks a positive unforgettable event that will cause your life to be a blessing. Happy, happy birthday.

13. I remember today, a wonderful personality who chose to adorn me with love was born. I’m glad you were born today. May every step of yours be meaningful, my love. Happy Birthday.

14. If I owe anything I think it’s love because each day brings me clearer to your love. It’s your day, baby. Happy birthday and I miss you.

15. I hope you have the most memorable celebration today and know that I’m missing your company. Happy birthday, love.

16. To the most handsome boo, today marks another phase in your life and I hope you enjoy it and everything goes easy with you. Happy birthday, boo.

17. My heart wants you here because I just want to look straight to your eyes and wish you a very joyous happy birthday. I love you.

18. I pray for you sweetie that you continue to rise higher and never drop. This birthday will cause a new chapter to open for you. Happy birthday, dearie.

19. The distance can’t take my love away for it’s just distance and I love you, even more, dear but today’s celebration, all I desire is that you live long and encounter great things. Happy birthday, love.

20. I wish I present the gift I have for you but it’s so sad I’ll keep it till your arrival. Prayers which are more than gifts, I give you with love. May your life produce irresistible blessings. Happy birthday, my charming.

21. It’s no doubt you would have an amazing day because I can feel happiness all over you from a distance. You’re indeed blessed. Have the best birthday celebration.

22. Sweetheart, I can’t help but miss you. I pray your birthday leaves you a positive success. Happy Birthday!

23. I want to wish you “Happy Birthday” like you’re close to me. Keep on having heavens best.

24. Right in your heart, I know you wanna hold my hand and dance all day but unfortunately, it’s impossible. Just enjoy your new age, dear. Happy Birthday!

25. Thank you, love, for being that man I want to be with. You’ve proven so true and I pray you become outstanding in all you do. Happy happy birthday.

26. Happy Birthday my one and only whose smile sweeps me off feet. You’re honoured.

27. You’re not perfect but my heart is content. Thanks for keeping your love with me. A blessed birthday celebration is all I wish you.

28. You’re the best gift I’ve gotten, sweetie. I wish you a happy birthday with lots of blessings.

29. This is another amazing year for you and I pray you become the champion you’ve always wanted to be. Happy birthday, my love.

30. I desire to be next to you, to hug you, to say my feelings directly and to tell you how happy I am you’re crossing to a new age. Happy birthday, darling.

31. You deserve to be watered with love today. Have the most lovely birthday, my lover.

32. I bless this day and I pray things work accordingly as you’ve planned. Happy happy birthday, my star.

33. You’re sweet and you sweeten my life. May your seasoning remain strong. Happy birthday, sweet sweetheart.

34. How would I have understood that love is life if not for your loving teaching that resurrected my love. Happy birthday, my motivator.

35. You inspire me so much that I embrace success. Happy birthday, my champion.

36. You give me the strength I need to go on from a distance. You’re really a unique person. Have the most surprising birthday.

37. I wonder how gracefully you’ve grown from a baby to a man and to being my lover. You’re so blessed. Happy birthday blessed one.

38. Sometimes I want to calculate how much care you showered on me but it exceeds number. I love you endlessly. Happy birthday, love.

39. I’m glad I’m your girlfriend. You made my world a happy place. Happy birthday, love of my life.

40. I don’t know how many birthday epistles I would write that would worth today. You’re so special to my existence and I don’t know what I would do without you.

41. From a distance, I just want to say you are the most wonderful element my life have received. May this joy you feel today, never fade. Happy Birthday!

42. If I have any gift to present to you, it wouldn’t be compared to how much care you’ve given to me. I can’t love you less, my favorite. Happy Birthday!

43. I give thanks to God on your behalf for keeping you to celebrate today. Many happy returns, dear.

44. I bless your mother who brought you into this world for she never knows how much she has given me light to brighten my world. May your days continue to grow brighter my dear. Happy Birthday!

45. It’s your birthday and I’m feeling like it’s my birthday. I can’t contain my joy knowing how today means to you. I bless this day that you were born. Happy birthday, babe.

46. Too many things are arranged in my head just to make you go speechless on your special day but distance overtook. I still wish you a happy birthday full of great surprises.

47. The distance is so far to run down and have the beautiful cake made for you but I’ll give you another surprise on your return. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

48. I honour the way you’re so different amongst other men. I really wanna sing happy birthday songs for you and tell you those lovely words. I celebrate you, my dear. Happy Birthday.

49. Today is too special for me to forget. Dearest, I pray you have your heart desires granted. I love and miss you. Happy Birthday.

50. Big congratulations to you love. I saturate the day with prayers on your behalf that it favours you abundantly. Happy Birthday.

51. I just wish to watch you dance and have fun today. Have a lovely birthday, dear.

52. It’s obvious that your love is real. May this birthday add to your testimonies. Happy Birthday!

53. I pray your paths shall not blur your vision. May God lead you. Happy Birthday!

54. You have started a new journey and I pray you end well. Happy Birthday!

55. The strength you’ll need to overcome obstacles, God will grant you. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

56. I’m sending to you sweet savour messages that when you get it, you’ll smile so much that no one would control it. My funny boo, happy birthday.

57. No one understands how my heart sings your praises except for you. I miss you, dear. Happy Birthday!

58. I can’t sound instruments to sweeten your soul but I pray angels gives you the music for your soul. Happy Birthday!

59. Even if I get cakes and chocolates to satisfy my Tommy on your behalf, it wouldn’t be enough to make today sweet without your presence. I miss you so much. Happy Birthday!s l

60. May the praises you’ll offer today be acceptable to God. Have the funniest birthday.

61. You know if I were there with you, I would run the errands for you and put things together. Happy birthday, my love.

62. Always let your happy face overcome dear. I trust you would do it even better. Have a victorious birthday celebration.

63. Do not panic, just pray and ask all you need for this new phase. My heart is with you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

64. As you reflect on how the journey of your age has been, may you record interesting testimonies. Happy Birthday!

65. As people come around to celebrate you, may they see in your life, glory that supersedes human understanding. Many more years and long life, lover boy.

66. I have noticed for the few years we have been that grace has connections for you. May grace always show up for you. Kisses, happy birthday.

67. As you grow older, I would want to be with you, in your love and your arms forever. Happy Birthday!

68. Many things went wrong, many times failed but here we are still in love and growing stronger in friendship. Happy birthday to you my heartbeat.

69. You’re my best friend, my companion, my inspiration and joy. I’m thankful for your life today. Happy Birthday!

70. You’ve made life worth living for me. I’m glad I have you. Happy Birthday!

71. Even if I should ask what you want for your birthday, I know it would be my presence. I miss your presence always, my dear. Happy Birthday!

72. To the most romantic lover, I say, happy birthday.

73. You know when it’s right to cool me down, when it’s right to show me love and how to keep me focused. I love you too much. Happy Birthday!

74. I may not be considered so loving and sweet as you but I know this love I feel is real and true. Happy birthday, baby boo.

75. For everything that would cause setback for you, may you never encounter it. The Lord shall be your light and guide. Happy birthday my handsome.

76. I haven’t gotten to the age you just attained but I know it’s the time where you have to tread with all wisdom and patience. The Lord will grant you all. Happy Birthday!

77. You and I know how God has been faithful. May you continue to partake in His faithfulness. Happy Birthday!

78. Happy birthday to a man who never ceases to amaze me. You worth a million gifts.

79. I know you haven’t reached the peak of your greatness, this is just the beginning and you will get there. Happy Birthday!

80. The promises of God shall come to fulfilment in your life. Happy birthday, sweetness.

81. You’ve added a year today, and you’re growing older boo. The glory set for you at this age, may you attain it. Happy Birthday!

82. I wish I could throw a big party and call the world to celebrate you. Happy Birthday!

83. As you’ve set your love on me, may you see no reason to regret it. Have fun today my baby. Happy Birthday!

84. For the first time, I felt I have found where my peace lies and it’s with you, darling. Happy Birthday!

85. I wanted to feel bad for not being there with you but I remembered those your loving words and it got my heart in place. You’re wonderful. Happy Birthday!

86. I may get exhausted of words but I would say, you’re the king that rules my world. Thanks, my love. Happy Birthday!

87. God created you specially for me and I’m honored to have found you at the right time. Happy birthday, my pride.

88. I can’t give you all you desire but God can and He will, dear. Happy Celebration!

89. I’ve had so many dreams thinking of this special birthday but I can’t help but wish I was there. May you celebrate with God’s fullness. Happy Birthday!

90. I can’t count the number of love you’ve shown me. Thanks my darling. Happy Birthday!

91. The moment I realized I’m in love, things became more understanding and meaningful to my sight. Thanks for opening my eyes. Happy birthday, my own.

92. You’re a great positive impact in my life and I can’t dispose you from my life. Thanks, my love. Happy Birthday!

93. I thought I would not stay in the arms of love but you made me realize that love is kind and patient. Happy Birthday!

94. If I’m courageous today, it’s because you helped chase my fears. You’re wonderful, dear. Happy Birthday!

95. I’m proud to call you boyfriend, you’re worth the price. Happy Birthday!

96. Happy Birthday to the man who makes me swell like balloon. I love you.

97. May you find greater fulfilment than you’ve been having. Have a fabulous birthday.

98. Excess love, blessings, testimonies and lots more are my heart desires for you. Happy Birthday!

99. I hope you’re very excited today my darling. Happy birthday, lovely.

100. I found you, I found peace. You’re worth more than gold. Happy Birthday!

101. I found my life complete with you. You’re a star with a difference. Happy birthday my crown.

102. Prayers can’t get exhausted. I pray that God cause heaven to visit you unexpectedly. I can’t stop loving you, dear. Happy Birthday!

103. May every gift presented to you open new doors and opportunities for you. Happy birthday, sweetness.

104. I can’t count your blessings but I know today would add to your victories. Happy birthday, darling.

105. Nothing gives great joy knowing you are alive and strong to celebrate life in another new age. Happy Birthday!

106. At the dawn of a new day, your birthday, I wish I could see the expression on your face. I know you’ll look so lovely and lively. Have the brightest birthday, love.

107. Your birthday is a sign of great things to come because I feel so different knowing I’m celebrating the one who showers my heart with true love. Happy Birthday!

108. I have thousands, millions and trillion words to say on this special day of yours but unfortunately, distance would keep it back. I’ll still say, my dearest, happy birthday.

109. So much joy you create within me which I can’t explain. I’m helpless when it comes to how you make me feel. I love you dearly. Happy birthday, babe.

110. You’re the best, you’ll always be the best and I’ll forever cling to you. Happy Birthday!

111. If it’s for miles, I wouldn’t mind running a thousand just to wish you a happy birthday.

112. The distance has only made me stronger and made love interesting. You’ll always be celebrated. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

113. You’ve made me realize so much and I appreciate you. Happy Birthday!

114. You are my favorite and I’ll never replace you no matter the distance. Have a sweet birthday celebration.

115. I don’t know the future but I feel it’s going to be great with you all the way. Happy happy birthday, my charming.

116. My heart will always keep you safe. I wish you the best birthday ever.

117. You’ll always be the one I admire. Happy Birthday!

118. I don’t know how you intend to celebrate but I pray you celebrate with all good news and good things surrounding you. My love, happy birthday.

119. You don’t know how charming you are especially with those cute smiles. I pray you continue to smile. I love you. Happy Birthday!

120. I don’t know how long this distance would last but I’m sure at your return, I’d give you all you’ve longed for. Happy Birthday!

You’ve got the key on how to make your love travel far and make your boyfriends birthday worthwhile. Kindly drop your comments if you’re in love with this post.

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