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The options to sell gift cards in Nigeria are endless. There are a thousand and one platforms, who claim to be the best in the world of gift card trading. 

Getting where to exchange your Google Play gift card is not the problem, the issue is in getting a reliable vendor that checks the list of features that make a good trading platform. The internet is a fruitful hunting place for gift card vendors that are trying to defraud unsuspecting victims of their gift cards. 

However, you could avoid being a victim of scam by selling your gift cards on a trusted gift card trading platform. In this article, we will not only show you the most reliable gift card website in Nigeria, but also how to redeem gift cards at a high rate in Nigeria and get paid directlyinto your bank account.

Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria

As separating the good eggs from the bad eggs is almost impossible, in the world of gift card trading, we have gone extra miles to scrutinize the gift card market in Nigeria and made thorough research amongst trading platforms, we have confidently gotten a verified exchange.

Prestmit is widely known for being among the pioneers of gift card trading in Nigeria, even more so because of the gift card trading app which recently launched. It is the most recommended app to redeem gift cards online. 

Google Play Gift Card Denomination

Google Play gift cards come in diverse denominations, and it is available in $10, $15, $25, $50, $100. With Prestmit, the denomination of your card is no issue. Whether you want to exchange $10 or more Google Play card for Naira, they offer the most straightforward trading system.

Google Play Gift Card Currency

Google Play gift card is available in all major currencies, USD, GBP (UK), EUR, NZD (New Zealand), CAD (Canada) etc, and Prestmit accepts them all. 

Does Prestmit Accept All Forms of Gift Cards? 

Though this is not sound enough, a handful of gift card sellers in Nigeria experience difficulties when selling gift cards, because not all platforms accept different forms of gift card. 

Some are limited to accepting just electronic type of gift card (ecodes) while others prefer physical cards. This is not the case with Prestmit, as they trade different forms of gift card, and are not limited to a single form.

Why Prestmit Is the Best Platform to Sell Google Play Gift Card

  1. Payment is Instant

While this should be the barest minimum, payment is not something that is guaranteed. As stated earlier, there are so many scammers out, that will rip you off your gift card. The platform offers a very fast payment service whereby you get paid in less than 5 minutes for your gift cards. Trading with Prestmit removes any doubt about payment. Payment is not only assured, but speed in which you’ll get paid. 

  1. Transactions are Easy and Secure

Prestmit is committed to providing the most flexible and comfortable transaction experience. This means that not only is the process easy and secure, but the trading options are flexible too. You can trade on a modern and functional mobile trading app that is compatible with both android and web browser. Their mobile app also contains a rates calculator where you can easily see the rates of the gift cards you are selling. Prestmit has a modern security tool that secures your account. This includes a 2FA authentication keeps your account with them protected at all times. 

  1. Good Rates

This can not be overemphasized. As opposed to other gift cards platforms, Prestmit offers the best gift card rates in Nigeria

  1. Trust and Reviews

Prestmit has been endorsed by brands and personalities with reputation across all platforms and blogs. Apart from the positive reviews by customers about their trading app, well-known brands also have positive reviews to give about them. 

  1. Fast Response

Prestmit provides excellent customer service. Their representatives are always accessible and ready to address your needs. The website has a live chat feature, where you can easily ask for help or directions.

Ready to Trade Your Google Play Today?

Sell without limits on Prestmit.  Download the mobile app on playstore or visit Prestmit website to register and enjoy the best of trading experience. 

Feel free to reach out to the support team to help resolve your issue quickly on Whatsapp at 07026290389.

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