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Backlinking today has played an important role in the navigation of websites even before the popularity of search engines. Today, back-links still play an important role in generating traffic and popularity for a website but on a much larger scale than before.

The more quality backlinks possessed by a website, the more popularity and importance it achieves. A website’s page rank is determined by Google through the number of quality back-links it has. True enough, backlinking plays a very significant role in determining a website’s success when it comes to search engine optimization.

Quality backlinking is emphasized though, because your website can have lots of backlinks, but if they are in no way related to the site niche, then it will not achieve its purpose. There are many ways to increase the back-links that will point to your website.

A website that has achieved a certain level of credibility will become so popular that the owner no longer even has to request for backlinks from other sites. Related sites will actually link back to the website that has very important information related to their niche.

Posting breaking news on a website is one way of backlinking. Celebrity and news websites that post extremely fresh and important information usually use this to attract traffic and back links to their site.

The quality of a backlink is determined by many factors, including the authority of the website, the importance of the topics and the relevancy of the posts. Consider backlinking as votes of confidence for the website and its contents.

One important aspect when creating backlinks is the anchor text. This is a description of or a label which is written in hyperlink, or which, when clicked leads you to the site where the actual information can be found. The anchor text is examined by the search engine crawlers to determine its relevancy to the website.

If you want a successful search engine optimization campaign using backlinking, then make sure you place only quality backlinks on your web pages. Keywords are also important factors that will help determine the quality of your backlinks. The search engines will consider the links more relevant if they point to, of if they are coming from sites with related content.

Some internet marketers request other website administrators for back-links. This is normally done but bloggers and other website owners. But if you go for this method, then make sure the sites are relevant to your niche. The best backlinks are those that are built over time, and are very relevant.

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