Bachelor 2022 LIVE – Clayton Echard’s ‘villain’ Cassidy SLAMMED for ‘toxic behavior’ as Jesse Palmer ‘struggles’ as host

THE Bachelor Clayton Echard’s “villain” Cassidy Timbrooks was SLAMMED for her “toxic” behavior on tonight’s group date.

Fans – and the other women this season – were furious at her “selfish” attitude during a group activity where Cassidy “contributed nothing” and was unapologetic about it.

Episode two of his season of the Bachelor aired tonight, however, fans have continued to slam both Clayton and host Jesse Palmer after last week’s premiere.

Some viewers said the two have “boring” personalities – with many even claiming they have made the show “rough” to watch.

The Missouri native was introduced to Bachelor Nation in Michelle Young’s season of the Bachelorette which aired on October 19, 2021.

He met 31 women on night one in the two-hour premiere.

The handsome athlete played for the Missouri Tigers in 2012 prior to being drafted for the National Football League four years later.

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  • ‘HIPPA violation’

    Shanae revealing that Elizabeth has ADHD was dubbed as a “HIPPA violation” by some fans.

  • Fans react to Cassidy drama


    Clayton could not decide what he wanted to do moving forward with Cassidy.

    As eh’s pondering outside, he asks host Jesse: “I have a question for you, has anyone ever taken a rose away before?”

    Despite the hot water she’s in, Cassidy maintained that Clayton “can’t do anything” since she “already has a rose.”

  • ‘F**K BUDDY?’

    Cassidy went from being a frontrunner to a villain fast as more of her personality was aired.

    She was caught on a hot mic saying that she has a longtime friends with benefits who she was in communication with as she went on the show.

    Cassidy explained that she told her “friend with benefits” that she will be “away on a show” for a few months and they will hang out when she is back.

    “Whatever show you’re on, let’s watch it back when we’re together,” she told him, to which he said he wanted to do “nasty things” to her.

    Clayton was noticeably shocked and said he “needed a minute” to collect his thoughts – which he did outside.

  • ‘TOXIC!’

    Shanae was slammed by fans for her treatment toward Elizabeth – who opened up in the past that she has ADHD.

    The “mean girl” laughed at Elizabeth’s mental health diagnosis and continued to mock it to the other contestants.

    She even shared the diagnosis with other women without Elizabeth’s permission.

    Fans were furious at her “toxic” behavior.


    Shanae caused further drama in the house when she told Clayton that Elizabeth is the “red flag” in the house.

    As former friends, Elizabeth approached her to ask why Shanae made those comments – which she then revealed she felt “hurt” by her pal.

    “When we were having a conversation, you weren’t even looking at me,” Sharnae told Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth then explained she has ADHD so it is difficult to process multiple things at once – and claimed she was not “ignoring” anyone.


    Marlena shocked Clayton when they got to know each other by revealing she is actually an Olympian.

    The impressive athlete is a Haitian-American sprinter who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics for Haiti in the women’s 200-meter and 400-meter sprints.


    The women on the second group date were treated to a series of tasks in order to win Clayton’s heart.

    Their first game included a round of Never Have I Ever… where the ladies, and Clayton, revealed who in the group has sent nudes, who has faked an orgasm and other raunchy topics.

    The group then were tasked with doing an obstacle course – where Shanae, 29, got physical and PUSHED another woman down to the ground on an obstacle.


    Bachelor 2022 LIVE - Clayton Echard's 'villain' Cassidy SLAMMED for 'toxic behavior' as Jesse Palmer 'struggles' as host

    While nearly ever contestant scored a date – either group or one-on-one – some unlucky ladies were left off the date card.

    Jill was one of the few who did not get face time with Clayton this week.

    “It’s not in the cards for me, what am I doing here?” Jill asked on the couch to the other ladies.

    In a confessional, she began to sob, yelling: “I left my family to be here, I left my friends. I even left my cat!”

    Bachelor 2022 LIVE - Clayton Echard's 'villain' Cassidy SLAMMED for 'toxic behavior' as Jesse Palmer 'struggles' as host

    Bachelor 2022 LIVE - Clayton Echard's 'villain' Cassidy SLAMMED for 'toxic behavior' as Jesse Palmer 'struggles' as host

    Bachelor fans are needing to do a double-take as they say Susie strikes a glaring resemblance to former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown.

    Viewers said that “all they could see” during Susie’s one-on-one date is her resemblance to Alabama Hannah.


    Clayton gushed he was “really feeling” Susie – who brought a “new energy” to him that he “hadn’t felt in years.”

    The couple then landed their helicopter on a yacht that was floating off the coast of Los Angeles.

    They then indulged in some champagne while soaking in a jacuzzi on the boat as the sun set.


    Clayton took the wedding videographer on a date where they drove his SUV to the middle of nowhere.

    As they pulled up, a helicopter was sitting on top of a hill waiting for them.

    “I’ve never been in a helicopter before, this is the best day of my life,” she exclaimed.

    The pair then flew all over Los Angeles together and gazed out the windows holding hands.

    The pair even flew over Bachelor mansion with the women “jealous” in the backyard.


    Despite the women bringing up a lot of problems they had with Cassidy, she continued to ignore them and went to Clayton to pull him aside once again.

    In another room, the pair continued to passionately kiss.

    After Clayton joined the rest of the group, he said Cassidy’s way of “opening up” to him brought him a lot of hope.

    He then handed her the group date rose.

    While she was thrilled, many of the other women were furious.


    Bachelor 2022 LIVE - Clayton Echard's 'villain' Cassidy SLAMMED for 'toxic behavior' as Jesse Palmer 'struggles' as host

    The ladies confronted Cassidy about her lack of effort to the group task – though she proceeded to not apologize for her behavior.

    “As of right now, I fully believe to get the rose. There’s no reason I wouldn’t be,” Cassidy said.

    She continued to complain about the children’s party she did not help out with but she doubled down on her stance that she is “not there to hang streamers” and only there to date Clayton.

    As other women began to accuse her of having a “bad attitude” and “not trying,” she deflected and said she had no regrets.


    Cassidy has cemented her title as an early villain of the season by displaying the classic “not here to make friends” attitude with the other ladies.

    After they were instructed to make a cake, she wandered off and grabbed Clayton for a poolside makeout – furiously upsetting her partner.

    “At this point, there is no way I won’t get a rose,” a confident Cassidy said.

    However, the other ladies in the house were angry over her lack of commitment to the group project and her “selfish” attitude.

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