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While waiting for the clarity of the visa for Nigerian citizens, to date the procedures and requirements for applying for a visa to Australia are still the same.

This time I shared the experience of applying for an Australian visa, I took care of myself (the group), without the help of a travel agent like most people. The process is actually simple, it’s just that the document and form are quite long. What I wrote here is for tourism purposes (subclass 600), not for school (student visa).

You can choose to apply by coming alone or by submitting it online (no need to come). I have done both of these methods and I will explain how to apply for an Australian visa below.

When you are traveling to a country, one of the first issues you must resolve is obtaining a visa. The visa or visa is an authorization of the country of destination that allows you to access and stay there temporarily. That is, without a visa, you cannot enter a country where you do not have nationality, much less study or work.

To access Australia therefore you will need the visa for Australia. But there is no single visa, there are different types and according to your goals in the country you will have to request the one that best suits them. The problem is that not all applications are approved by the immigration department: the difficulty of obtaining a visa will depend on your personal conditions, on the bilateral agreements between your country and Australia and other temporary conditions such as the volume of applications they have in a specific moment

Next in this guide we will see the types of Australian visas that exist, the requirements requested and the possibilities offered by each of these permits. Understanding it well can help you get your visa for Australia!

What visa do I need for Australia

Before applying for a visa you must consider some aspects that could determine what type of visa you need. This is a list of some of the most common conditions:

  • Purpose of your stay: travel, study, work, visit a family member …
  • Time you want to stay in the country: short, medium or long term.
  • If you will go alone or in company
  • Age
  • nationality
  • Training level and work experience
  • English level
  • Economic solvency

Depending on your purposes and these conditions mentioned, you have three major types of visas for Australia :

  • Tourist visa or visit
  • Study visa
  • Work visa (temporary or permanent)

Australia Visa Requirements 2020


Documents needed to make an Australian visa (data update per 2019) are:

  • Print and fill in the visa application form ( Form 1419 )
  • 3.5 x 4.5 cm white background photo
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate, KK
  • Copy of the last 3 months savings account or salary slip
  • Itinerary while in Australia or booking flight and hotel proof
  • (optional) Fill in form 956a if the application will be submitted by someone else
  • (optional) Fill in form 1229 if for children under 17 years
  • Visa fee

Form 1419 is indeed quite a lot of pages, you need time and accuracy to fill it. Who ever filled out the English Visa Form, well, it was similar. Don’t be afraid if someone is hesitant to fill it, you just leave it blank, especially in the section on how to pay for the visa, then the VFS officer will help you when you arrive.

Business Visa Checklist

Student Visa Checklist

Submission of an Australian Walk-In Visa

Visa applications can be represented (i.e. filling out form 956a), or you can come directly. Previously you had to make a first appointment via the VFS website , after getting a new appointment date and time you could come to the VFS Nigeria  office. Every applicant (individual) must get an appointment, so if a family of 4 means there must be 4 appointments.

So as not to be discouraged, you should submit a visa application 1-2 months before departure.

If you only want to apply for Transit Visa (Subclass 771), it cannot be served via VFS again. You must fill in and submit online, it costs free, via ImmiAccount. The method is similar to the method I described below.

We still have to carry the original passport during the submission process but can be taken home immediately. The visa issued will be in the form of an electronic visa , sent via e-mail, we just need to print it for the purposes of being requested by the airlines at checkin.

The process of queuing depends on the crowd, but expect you need 1 hour to be served. Basically there is no interview process here, only document checking. VFS Global Officers will check the completeness of our documents. If you can pass the document administration process, just pay and we will get a reference number. This number is used to check online the status of our application submission.

Without checking the status of the application at any time, if we fill in the e-mail address on the visa form, then we can e-mail the approved visa information faster with the e-visa attachment.

The length of the visa approval process varies, the last for me is an exit visa 2 working days after submission, extraordinary express. But there are friends who just got approval about 10 working days, even though the destination and departure date are the same, only different days of entering the application document.

Depending on your fate (or document times) you can get a visa for the type of single entry or multiple entry hockey-hockey that is valid for 3 years. Heard if those who apply for a visa with a sponsor letter (invited from Aussie PR relatives) the chances of getting multiple entries are greater.

Australia Online Visa Submission

Nigerian citizens are possible to apply for an Australian visa online / via the Internet. You can apply for a Visit Visa (Tourism) and an Australian Transit Visa (subclass 771) via this online way.

Please start from this page to find out more detailed requirements and how to submit. Basically all the documents I mentioned above must be prepared in the form of a scan / file (PDF / JPG), both photos and other documents, except for form 1419 which will be filled online.

australia visa application

Next, I explain the step-step for filling out the form online. You need a laptop / PC for this matter, spare about 30-45 minutes per applicant, and of course the internet connection must be constant.

  1. Form filling online starts with how to create an account login at ImmiAccount . After the account is successfully created, there will be a verification email that you must click before you can proceed. 1 Account can apply for multiple person visa.
  2. Log in to ImmiAccount, click New Application , then select Visitor Visa (600).
  3. Enter your location (Nigeria), and the reason for filling out a visa (Tourism, Study, etc.)
  4. Fill in the personal data as usual, continue to fill until the Upload step
  5. Notice that in the upload section there are “Required” and “Recommended”. Make sure all the Required documents are uploaded (Passport, KTP, Foto, Itinerary, Employment, Family, Financial), including the Evidence of Previous Travel (scan all passport pages).
  6. After finishing, click the “Submit Application” button
  7. The status will change to “Received” and you will get an email “IMMI Acknowledgment of Application Received”

There is no need to track status on the website every day because you will be directly emailed if the submission status is complete, or if you need additional documents. We will receive an email PDF Visa Grant Notice (actually no need to print) if the application has been approved. My experience of applying for this online visa has been completed in just 2 working days, steady, but expect normal processing time 5-10 working days.

Can I have more than one visa?

No. You can never have more than one visa in Australia. Therefore, if your state within the country changes and you go from one type of visa to another, when the second one is activated, the first one will be canceled immediately.

What happens if I find myself in an irregular situation within Australia?

You cannot be in Australia without a visa or if your visa has expired . If this happens, you will be in an irregular situation and the authorities could deport and punish you.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection keeps an exhaustive control of all foreigners entering and leaving the country. Make sure your visa is in order and if you want to renew it, do it in time to avoid problems.

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