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The Federal Government will begin to disburse over 12.5Billion naira SEIFAC loan to applicants any time soon, payments were delay due to the non-activation of applicants account

All is set for FG to disburse Funds meant for SEIFAC applicants who were successfully shortlisted and verified.

The FG will, in no distant time disburse funds to all Shortlisted Persons in the SEIFAC Loan program

According to FG, SEIFAC Loan will be disbursed in 3 weeks’ time, meaning massive disbursement will commence by September/October 2021.

The disbursement of funds to members will kick off and last for three weeks, after proper investigations and monitoring of member’s account.

Applicants are expected to visit their respective banks for account upgrade, as some members may fail to receive their funds due to the inability of their account to receive huge amount of money.

Applicants can also visit their States or Local government SEIFAC coordinators to collect their ATM cards, for easy activation

However, members are entitled to farm on three crops which includes; maize, cassava, and rice.

The management will also provide machines and fertilizers to help fasten the farming conclusion, all members have three weeks from today to regularize numbers of the hectare requested, fill and submit all forms and payment of dues.

After weeks, members should expect their funds in their respective wallets for their Agricultural business.

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