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An easy way to register and receive the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) e-Certificate Online

Introducing E-Certificate

An important part of the new process is the introduction of electronic certificates. Unlike previous manual procedures, the board began issuing and using email. certificates where users must apply to the board for a license and collaboration from all sources.

How it works now

Once you have registered a unit here NO, your registration can be easily approved by the board, the certificate is automatically cut from your dashboard where you can download it from your regular one.

Substantial changes to the certificate.

  • The CAC logo at the top has now been changed to the coat of arms of Nigeria for all organizations.
  • The CAC logo is worn on the certificate as a seal.
  • Certificates and notes for participants were removed.

Notify me. status report

The Board issued a notice called an e-status notice to change the CAC information issued for the new registration / integration of all units. Current email the status declaration will replace CAC form 1.1 for company registration, BN 1 for business registration, IT 1 for participants.

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