An App to Personalize Eloqua Assets Using Multiple Custom Object Records at Once

Have you ever wanted to send an email for each Custom Object record associated with a contact? What about sending a single email to a contact but merging data from multiple of its Custom Object records at once, either directly in the email or inside a linked Landing Page? How about export select Custom Object data without having to export the entire contents of the object? With our new Personalization Manager app, you can do all that and more!

Custom Objects (CDOs) are a powerful way to expand and customize the Eloqua data model. They can be configured to link additional data to Contacts (via Accounts or directly) as either an extension table with a one-to-one relationship or as an expansion table with a one-to-many relationship that allows for multiple CDO records to be associated with a single contact. Meaning each contact or account record can be associated with one CDO record or with several in a single Custom Object. Tracking purchases, events attended, or form submissions are a few examples of scenarios where it may make sense to use a one-to-many relationship between a contact and CDO records. 

However, despite the powerful advantages one-to-many Custom Object data provide, there is a limitation on how they can be used for personalization in Eloqua assets like emails and landing pages. Native options include using Eloqua field merges to personalize content with a contact’s linked CDO data. But field merges are limited in selecting only the First Created, Last Created or Last Modified CDO record, forcing a selection of only one record though many may exist and providing minimal control over record selection.

Field Merge

Instead, by using the Personalization App in Eloqua, we can merge in data from multiple linked CDO records at once – either displayed as rows in a single table or by sending a uniquely populated email for each one. The CDO records included can be selectively chosen using evaluation criteria in each configured app step. For example, within a single Eloqua instance, there could be a campaign that is configured to send an email to any contact that’s made a purchase in the last month with a table merged in displaying a unique row for each product purchased in that time frame as well as a second campaign configured to send an email per product purchased simply by configuring the same app in two separate canvases to run through these different scenarios. This has never before been possible with Eloqua without significantly changing the structure of the data.

Campaign Canvas

And it doesn’t stop with emails. The Personalization Manager app has the ability to create dynamic personalization for emails, landing pages, and external channels based on Custom Object data. Some examples include:

  • Send order or shipping confirmation messages that include a dynamic table personalized using data from multiple Custom Object rows
  • Create an Eloqua landing page that includes data from one or multiple Custom Object records, like an order summary or year-end activity report
  • Export mapped Custom Object data, as individual records or multi-row data, from an Eloqua canvas in real-time or on a defined schedule for external channels like telemarketing, display advertising, etc. 
  • Create householding campaigns that allow for personalized communications for each “shared” or “household” Custom Object record that is linked to the same email address
  • Send event confirmation emails providing a summary of registered sessions, stored as Custom Object records, and link to a confirmation landing page

Basically, the Personalization Manager app allows you to create highly personalized emails and landing pages as well as create custom CDO exports using data from one or more Custom Object records at a time which greatly expands the native capabilities of the platform and has never been possible until now. If you use one-to-many relationships in your CDOs, this app can take your campaign personalization to an entirely new level.

Field Merge-2

Personalization Manager Messaging Example

Our Personalization Manager app can help you utilize existing Custom Object data to take your personalization to the next level. Discover more about the Personalization Manager or request a demo today!

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