All About Rufskin Denim and Underwear

Made in Brazil, Rufskin men’s underwear brings a new look to the old styles of men’s underwear styles. Adding a fresh face to the industry with their innovative designs and sexy styles, Rufskin is attracting more and more men with their sharp attention to detail, delicately demonstrated in their new briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps and bikinis.

Their provocative styles accentuate the male’s most prominent features and are simply perfect for the man who is comfortable with his body and wants to show it off or have some fun.

Available in styles that incorporate fine mesh detailed side panels, leaving a little something for the imaginative type, or coarser mesh side panels and back, for those who want to show it all and leave it in the hands of temptation, these underwear can allow you to explore a tantalizing mystery for what lies underneath the fabric mesh or just have some fun.

Rufskin is known for these cool, flexible fabrics, in creative cuts – all focusing on the male anatomy. Their designers are known for understanding the contours of a man’s body and designing their garments around it to gently outline and compliment his build.

Their underwear is usually made of soft blends and spandex and available in a wide variety of solids and prints; machine washable. The construction typically allows for a full range of movement, for the most active male, while the low rise front accommodates the most recent fashions in clothing. Rufskins apparel is available from men’s underwear to swimwear, jeans, shirts and athletic apparel.

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Source by Xaine McIntosh

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