A Question – Could Hitler Have Won the War

Hitler lost the war, but a lot of this was due to his rush of blood, coloured by race policies. Had he played his cards adroitly, he may well have been the winner

Hitler threw the title “Great” in dustbin
We are all aware that the Allies along with Russia won the Second World War. The mind of most people is conditioned to this fact of history and many do not contemplate that Germany could have won the Second World War. But a look at the conduct of the war from 1939-45 does show that had Hitler played his cards more adroitly; he could have won the war.

This is now a hypothetical question as the war is long over and Hitler dead and gone. Despite this in case Hitler had followed certain other courses of action he may very well have launched the 1000 year Reich.

The Beginning in 1939

On Sept. 3, 1939, when Germany launched the invasion of Poland, German star was in ascendance. A look at Europe at that time shows that Mussolini was allied to Hitler and Austria and Czechoslovakia were also with Hitler and by signing a non-aggression pact with Stalin Hitler had laid to rest the fears brought out of a two front war by Count Schifillion. Thus at that time the German position was unassailable.

This was one of Hitler’s finest years. He seemed an astute leader as having secured his Russian front he attacked France and the French capitulated in 40 days. It is one of the great victories of the war and made Hitler the master of Europe. At that time the USA was neutral and Russia was at bay by a shrewd diplomatic maneuver and only the UK remained.

The First Mistake

Hitler planned ‘Operation Sea Lion’ at that time; the invasion of England. But now his mind became warped and he failed to grasp the strategic reality. This was the time not to think of attacking Russia but annihilating the United Kingdom. With a neutral USA, Hitler could have launched a sea borne invasion. Causalities may have been high but once a bridge head had been developed the surrender and conquest of the British Isles was on the cards.

The Churchill government could have escaped to Canada but to fight from across the Atlantic was a gargantuan task and Hitler would then have been on the road to the first phase of his mission for 1000 year Reich.

After this conquest of the United Kingdom all he had to do was to capture Malta and Gibraltar. This he should have done himself even if Franco had demurred. With Hitler master of Europe and the UK occupied, the chance that Franco would have been lukewarm to capture of Gibraltar is implausible.

Time to Regroup

Hitler missed the title Great as this was the time to take STOCK

of the situation. It was time for clear cut strategic policy. With Western Europe in Hitler’s grip, and the United States and the Soviet Union still neutral, Hitler could have recharged his resources with new weaponry with the resources now available to him. Now is the time to regroup. The resources of Europe are now available to the war machine, new boats, new submarines, new aircraft and new weapons can now be developed. There was no danger of any air bombardment and all activities of the German war machine would go on unhindered.

At that time Hitler and his cohorts could well have concluded that the war was over. Not quite, as the Africa campaign would now have a different color. There would have been no Russia or General winter and the mud and slush to face and with the Italians the drive across North Africa would have been so much easier.

With the Arabs siding with Hitler and German forces reaching and capturing the Suez Canal would have made Hitler the dominant power in the world. This was the time to declare victory.

What Next? The Invasion of Russia

A clash between Stalin and Hitler would have taken place. But with Germany a master of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea up to the Suez Canal, a battle with Russia then would be different. No supply lines to Russia across the arctic and no UK to help. The USA would perforce be neutral and no declaration of war on USA though Japan would have attacked that country anyway.

Yes there would be cold war between the USA and Germany, but Russia could then be defeated.

Last word

If Hitler was a great leader he would have calculated his course of action, but his impetuosity let him down. He allowed emotion to overrule logic and that is not the hall mark of a great leader. In case Hitler had played his cards adroitly, he may well have been the winner.

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Source by Madan G Singh

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